Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keeping Up the Good Work!!

I did Yoga again this morning! I am able to most of it without the block, except for a few poses to the left. My left side just isn’t as bendy as the right.

I was 143.25 this morning, that is a quarter pound less than I was last Friday morning!

Tomorrow will be one week since the donation.

I took a lap around the block at lunch and got rained on a bit!

Yesterday my Calories were 1700 on the dot.

I ate the following:

160 - Quaker Oatmeal – Blueberry, Take Heart

80 - Half a cup All-Bran cereal

110 - Banana Cream Yoplait Light Yogurt

70 - 3 slices Chicken Breast Lunchmeat

140 - 2 Slices of whole wheat Bread

20 - Mustard and Lettuce

140 - South Beach Diet Chocolate Flavored Cereal Bar

450 - Half a Thin Crust California Pizza Kitchen Pizza

280 - 50g of Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with whole Hazelnuts

130 - Peanut Butter Kudos Bar

120 - 1 Turkey dog with hot sauce



I hope to eat about the same number of calories today.



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