Monday, July 31, 2006

Half My Weight!!

Even though I have switched over to "being healthy" as my goal. I still weight myself every morning to see how I am doing.

The last few days I have been very close to or even 140 itself! I've halved my weight! It's so weird to think that I have lost as much weight as I weigh! It also blows my mind to think that each pound that I lose from now on will mean I've lost more weight than I weigh! Crazy! Soon I'll update my pages with "Over 140 Pounds lost!" instead of the "135" I currently have! :)

I never dreamed that I would be this successful!! But I did it, one day at a time, and here I am 4 years later HALF my size!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Answers for Amy!

"Jessica, I have so many questions now! I have read all your pages (I think) and I guess my first question is what do you use to know the calorie count in your foods? Is there an online chart that you use, did you buy a program, a book? Based on the program that your husband created - I guess I would start with my current calorie needs and then continue to decrease as I lose weight? Were there times where you were starving? Did you start with exercise right from the beginning - and do you find your skin is flabby now that you have lost so much weight? Sorry to bombard you but I am so interested!!"

I decided to do the answers to Amy's question as a new post!

First Question: What do you use to know the calorie count in your foods?

Most often I get my calorie amount the Nutritional Facts on the box/label. I eat a serving, even if that means counting out exactly 32 chocolate chips, or using measuring cups. If I don't know how many calories are in what I am eating, I look it up online! :) One of my favorite sites to look up calories is:

Most restaurants have the nutritional data of their foods on their websites too. I love to do "re-con" before I go out to eat at: The "Girl's Bite Out" section basically tells you what the "safest" thing to eat is. Very Cool!!!

Second Question: Is there an online chart that you use, did you buy a program, a book?

I do not use an online chart... although I do keep a spreadsheet with my daily weights and other weight loss tools. These are the same tools Aaron made into the Calorie Calculator program. I didn't buy a program or a book. I just use the free information from the Internet, and the nutritional labels themselves. :)

Third Question: ...I guess I would start with my current calorie needs and then continue to decrease as I lose weight?

Your caloric needs is the number of calories it takes for your body to maintain it's current weight according to your age, weight, height and activity level. It's best to try to cut about 200 - 500 calories off that number to start losing weight. The more you cut the more you lose, but never eat less than 1200 calories a day that is dangerous and deadly!

Fourth Question: Were there times where you were starving?

Not really, I never starved myself. I always eat a safe number of calories each day and try to eat healthy meals. But there have been times where I've gone to bed hungry... but on those days I have only myself to blame. I am very dedicated to my calorie limits, and if I blow my calories on something stupid... (Like the day I ate a whole box of stovetop stuffing for lunch, and then only had like 160 calories for the rest of the day!) I end up feeling hungry, but it's just one day. On days like that I just go to bed early!

Fifth Question: Did you start with exercise right from the beginning?

Nope. I did not exercise in the very beginning. After a few months of eating better I got a "Yoga for Beginners" tape, which I did maybe... three times, Tops. So then I got an exercise bike, but it turned out I could not use it until I was under 250 pounds! I was TOO FAT for the bike! (That really motivated me to lose weight.) Then I got a "Yoga for Weight Loss" DVD, and that one clicked with me. It had 4 different instructors of varying ability to follow, so it progressed with me! Eventually I slimmed down enough so I could use the bike. I love the bike!!! I like to pedal away while watching T.V. Another of my favorite activities is just walking around the block. I don't do super-fast power-walking stuff, I just kinda plod along at my normal pace. :) Aaron and I also take a Tai Chi class which I count as exercise, and this year for my birthday, I got a set of free weights from my in-laws!!! SWEET! So to recap, when I started, I did nothing, but now I'm pretty active!

And although she found the answer in my archives.... for those of you curious to know...

Sixth Question: Do you find your skin is flabby now that you have lost so much weight?

As for "The Skin Thing," Pinch the skin on the back of your hand. That is all the thicker your skin is! (It's half the pinch because you have your skin folded.) Once the fat cells behind it are gone, the skin will shrink to the new shape because skin is a living organ, not some stretched out balloon stuck on your outside.

Since I lost my weight very slowly, (This August will be my 4th year of living healthy!) I don't have excess skin hanging off me. You can see how my skin's doing for yourself in my current pictures! :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Lowering my Standard Deviation

Aaron, my uber-nerdy totally adorable husband, was crunching my weight loss numbers.

To him weight loss is just a equation with calories needed vs. calories consumed vs. calories burned. Yesterday he was analysing my daily calorie totals. Over the past 40 days my average daily caloric intake was 1750. But my standard deviation was about 250. Basically means some days I eat 1950, and other days I eat 1600, fluctuating around that average amount. I didn't think that was a big deal but he thinks I should try limiting my calories to just between 1500-1700 to lower the daily average, and my deviation.

Today was another good day! :) Even thought we are still tweaking the definition of what a good day is!

With the heat and humidity my hair has been such a pain. (94'F today, 54% Humidity in Madison, WI) When I got up this morning my hair was HUGE, and instead of fighting it, I just rolled with it. I sprayed it with more hairspray than I have used all year, and styled it into a big "helmet hair-do." Then sprayed it again.

I took these pictures 10 hours after I did my hair when I got home tonight, and it is STILL that big and not moving! :)

Big Hair - Front Big Hair - Side
I can't decide what to call this hair style. One co-worker said I had "60's hair," another said "Glam hair," and the funniest classification was "Politician" or "Preacher's Wife" Hair.

Today was a Rest Day! I was 140.75 this morning for the second day in a row!! ( And I thought the puff was gone at 142!) Tomorrow morning is Double Tai Chi! It is going to be a sweaty event, but our instructor is like, "This is what the weather is like in Taipei." So I guess it makes it more "authentic" to do Tai Chi while sweating your butt off? ;)


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Workday vs. Weekend

My monthly weight loss SNAFU has passed and things seem to be getting back to normal! I was 142 on the button this morning.

Today was another "good" day! I walked 1.25 miles before lunch and I ate 1820 total calories today. If things keep up going this well I will get my next reward August 9th... which is my niece's Birthday! She is going to be 11 this year, that is the same age as Harry Potter in book one! Okay, I'll stop being such a nerd. ;)

I LOVE Workdays! They are so much easier for weight loss than Weekends. On workdays, I know what I am eating and when:

7:30 AM - Oatmeal & Orange Juice
10:00 AM - Banana
11:30 AM - Light Yogurt with 1/2 cup All-Bran
1:00 PM - Turkey and Mustard on Whole Wheat*
3:00 PM - Snack Bar

* Or another lunch of equal caloric value.

Then I get home and have a nice supper with a treat/dessert. The rest of the evening I play games, have fun on the computer, or watch T.V. These activities keep me occupied and safe from mindless over-eating.

The weekends however are dangerous. My schedule is all different and there are often family functions that involve food! (Like that upcoming birthday!) I normally take it easy on the weekend and just hope that I will be the same weight on Monday that I was on Friday. ;)

2 more days until the weekend!!!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reward on it's way!

I was able to stick to my healthy ways for 15 days straight, so this morning while I biked Aaron order the next DVD in the Ai Yori Aoshi series! I am going to stick with being healthy, but I am going to up my activity level to two days on one day off consistently for the next 15 days. Two days on one off is 3 days, so I just need to do it 5 times! :)

I have really been slacking in the water department lately. I plan to pick up a gallon of water to keep at my desk today. I think that lots of water and more activity will really help my body get healthy!

My period is nearly over now and the puff is going away. I was 144 this AM!
ACK!! I need to make my lunch and catch the bus!



Saturday, July 22, 2006

Close Call!!!

Goodness! I really did jinx myself! My period started and I became a food craving maniac! I had 580 calories for breakfast, and 1090 at lunch!!!! I was at 1670 calories by noon! That's more calories than I eat in an entire day sometimes!

I wanted to keep eating and but was finally able to get myself under control. I plan to have a small sandwich 140 calories for supper. My total calories today will be 1810 which is still in my "good" range!

Day 13th was rather unlucky, but it was still a success!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting THX Certified!

Even though I'm getting all crampy and bloaty, I'm in a great mood! It's really odd, now that I am smaller, I can really feel what's going on inside my body. I don't know if this is true for everyone though.

When I was bigger, my body seemed to communicate to me in a staticy monophonic. Now that I am healthier, things have improved to Dolby Surround Sound, and I'm still working hard to hopefully become "THX Certified!" ;)

I weighed 142.50 pounds this morning and I rode the bike for a sweaty 30 minute program. I ate a total of 1750 calories today, so that makes day 12 a success! I am so close to my next goal, there is no way I'll screw it up, right??? GASP!!! I hope I didn't just jinx myself...
Like when a person in a Horror movie says "I'll be right back..." Then wanders off by herself, in high heels, to find out what's making that strange noise in the basement with only the penetrating light of a candle...

Naw, I am no Hitchcock Blonde! I'll be fine and I will be getting that reward come Tuesday!!

Have a Great Weekend!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Head's up!

Lately "Anonymous" has been leaving lots of comments on my blog. Most of their posts have a link to some other site pushing weight loss drugs or online gambling... Not Cool!!!

I'll be deleting all the comments like that I find and changing the Comment Settings so people can't post anonymously anymore.

This site is about real healthy successful weight loss, I don't want it spammed-up!!!

“Yogurt is Not a Dessert.”

Most days at work I have a mid-morning snack of a flavored Yoplait yogurt with 1/2 cup of All-Bran for some high-fiber crunch! Today I worked right through my morning break and did not notice until lunch! As I was getting my sandwich from the fridge, I noticed my uneaten yogurt . "Ooo!" I said. "I can have my yogurt as dessert!"

A co-worker quickly laughed, "Yogurt is not a dessert!" I just smiled and ignored him. My yogurt was Banana Crème pie, and once it was all mixed up with that All-Bran "crust," it was a very yummy pie-like treat! I liked it, and that's really all that matters since it was my "dessert!" ;)

Today is my 11th "good day" in a row! It's nearly reward time again! (It's also getting close to that time of the month too... blah!)

Yesterday I decided to push the number of days it takes to reach a goal out to 15. For some reason, it's easier for me to think of being healthy in 5 tiny 3-day blocks, than TWO WHOLE WEEKS STRAIGHT!

Weight loss is all about finding what works for you, and sticking too it. You don't have to be perfect all the time, you just need to be determined to succeed!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AM Bike and Leftover Curries

I got up early today and road the bike before breakfast. I also did a bit of walking to and from the bus stops. My calories today were 1950 close to my limit, but still a good day! So that makes 9 days in a row of being healthy! :) I am nearly to another GOAL! I am so excited! :) Yatta!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Too Perky for Monday!

Today was our big "All-Staff Meeting" at work. We have to rent the big local Concert Venue (Veterans Memorial Coliseum) to find room for us all! They setup 3 huge screens, and an audio system hooked up to a laptop for everyone to do their presentations! It starts at 8:30AM and goes... until done, which was 10:30-ish today.

The meeting started with the first speaker saying "Good morning" after which I cheered back, "GOOD MORNING!!!" The lone voice from the 2,100+ people in the place. He then said, only one of you is awake? Let's try that again... I guess I am just too perky.

I've ate 1460 calories so far today, and only did walking as my exercise because it is SO HOT!!! I plan to have a few more calories tonight, in CHOCOLATE!!!! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Practicing what I preach!

On my weight loss tips page I have a note at the bottom of #16. (Be Active for at Least 30 Minutes Every Other Day.) It reads: "The best time of day to exercise is before supper, or before breakfast. These are the times when your blood sugar is at its lowest. This will help you start burning fat faster."

Over the past few months (in which I've been in a weight loss rut...) I had been doing most of my exercise after dinner. But recently, I've switched back to doing something before breakfast. What a difference!!! :) My calories are still the same as before, but now the weight has started to melt off again! It looks like I've finally reached the end of this long weight loss plateau!

Even though the scales are moving again, I'm sticking with my new motivation method of just being healthy!! (Day 6 of 14!)

I was 140.50 this AM, and biked program 3 for 30 minutes/66 calories before breakfast. So far I have ate 1030 calories. I have 600 - 970 calories left for supper! yea! I plan to save 200 or so for something chocolate! ;)


Friday, July 14, 2006

Aloha Friday!!!

My weight was 141.75 this morning. I got up early and rode the bike before breakfast. Today was another successful day, so that's day 5 towards my 14 day goal. (1765 calories consumed.) I am so happy it is the weekend!! I really need this time to relax :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This Week is Going So Slow!!!

Aaron suggested that I take today as another rest day, and who am I to argue with that! ;) My Calories were 1640 today, (290 of that was chocolate!) My weight was 143.50 this AM.

At work I am helping to write the movie script for this years Users Group Meeting. Last year the theme was "Mysteries," and I was in the movie as the evil "Em Fatale." (I can send you the file if you are interested seeing it.) This year the theme is "THE FUTURE." I am writing about the year 7006 to be exact... not that I can say anything exact about the year 7006... but it is fun to speculate.

In all honestly, with all the pollution, war or even an asteroid striking the Earth... I'd be surprised if the human race can make it to the year 7006, but for all intensive purposes we have to believe that the world is all nice and clean and Utopian.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ow... That Wonderful "Day After" Feeling...

Today was a post yoga recovery day. I am sore all over in that good kind of way. I had 1685 calories, and now I am gonna go to bed! :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Another Good Day! :)

I did manage to get my butt out of bed this morning and do yoga. I also walked around the block today at lunch.

My calories were 1700 on the head.

140 Oatmeal
140 South Beach Diet Bar
110 Light Yogurt Banana Creme
100 1 c. All-bran Extra Fiber
140 2 slices whole wheat bread
20 Mustard
50 Turkey
170 Orange Juice
130 Kudos Bar
220 2 Tortillas
220 1/2 c. Shredded Cheese
150 1 c. Boca Crumbles with Taco Seasoning
20 4 Tbsp. Salsa
90 2 Dove Milk Chocolates

My wrist is really flaring up so I'm gonna cut this short :)



AM weight = 142.75

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Have You Seen This?!

For years I've talked about how cool the My Virtual Model website is, well I have to say things have just got one step cooler! has a free weight loss simulator using MVM!!!
So now you can see your model at different weights, side-by-side! TOO SWEET!!!

Oh, and speaking of sweets, you don't have to sign up for their "sugar solution" to use it, it's totally FREE!!!

Today is Day 14 towards my "live healthy for 14 days straight and get a reward" goal. It is also a "rest day" for me. My calories are right on track, so I will be getting my reward tomorrow!!! Well, at least ordering it from Amazon tomorrow... ;) It will also be day 1 for my next 14 days of Healthy Living to get a reward tomorrow... that means I COULD have the next DVD in the set by July 23rd! Too Cool! YEA!

I plan to do yoga tomorrow morning before work, but it's so hard to leave the bed - especially when my husband is so cute and cuddly!!! :)

Saturday, July 8, 2006


Alright! :) This site is up and ready to rock!

Please be sure to update any links or bookmarks!

My Weight Loss Blog is now found at
(Which is this site here!)

Let me know if you find anything funky!

Today's exercise was back-to back Tai Chi classes.
I have ate 1030 calories so far today, and supper will be fish and veggies! Mmmm!

I think it is safe to say that day 13 will be a success!!! If I am able to stick to my goal tomorrow, then I will get my reward on Monday!!! I am so excited!!! :)

A salty supper last night puffed me up to 143.50 this morning... but It's all good.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Almost Ready!!!

So a while back I said that I was going to move my site to an ad-free place... well that place is here and it is ALMOST ready!!!

Once I feel this place is up to snuff, I will post the link here on my old site to here!

Please remember to update your bookmarks and links then!! :) I am so excited!!


1740 calories today and I biked for exercise. Day 12 is a success! 2 more to go until I get my REWARD!!! YEA!!!

I was 142.50 this AM

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

June's Stats

Over all I was one pound down in June.
I had a few days where my weight spiked up from super salty foods, and there was the pie/pms/period part at the end of the month, but I got better! ;)

I ate 1670 caloires today, and rode the bike for 20 fat calories. Four more days to go and I get my reward for living healthy for two weeks straight! Ai Yori Aoshi will be mine!! :)

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Healthy Holiday Weekend!

I took yesterday off and made a 4-Day weekend using just one vacation day. SWEET.

Today is the 9th day in a row that I have been good to my new healthy lifestyle.

I ate 1770 calories today, and biked for 20 "fat calories." I don't think that number means anything in reality, but it is one of the numbers displayed by the LCD while I bike. (Speed in MPH, Distance, Time on/left on the bike, Heart Rate, Resistance Level, Calories Burned, Fat Calories Burned)

The night out with Starr was very fun with a little bit of creepy nostalgia. We walked around the "town" (again using the term town loosely to describe Rockdale, WI.) It was weird seeing what was the same, and what was different.

Here are some pictures of me, Starr and my sister Becky. Compare them to the picture below of us from the Summer of 2000!
Jess, Starr and Becky

I was 141.00 on the button this morning. When I get back in the office tomorrow I will run the numbers to get the weight loss stats for June!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Back to My Roots

The monthly puffies are in retreat and I was back to 141.25 this morning. Yea!

Today is Day 7 towards my new goal. Just one more week to go, and I will finally get my reward! I am so excited!!!

Another thing I am excited about is my friend Starr is visiting from L.A! We are hooking up tonight, then going out to the townie bar where my sister, Becky, is tending!

I plan on taking lots of pictures! Last time the three of us were together was the Summer of 2000!! That's six years ago!!!

Me, Starr & Becky - Summer 2000

But before I get to go out for a night on the tiny "town." (I use the word "town" to describe Kroghville VERY loosely)

Well, I should try to make a dent in the HUGE pile of laundry, and perhaps do some dishes, since there isn't any counterspace left...

I'm going to go be "domestic" for a while!