Saturday, July 22, 2006

Close Call!!!

Goodness! I really did jinx myself! My period started and I became a food craving maniac! I had 580 calories for breakfast, and 1090 at lunch!!!! I was at 1670 calories by noon! That's more calories than I eat in an entire day sometimes!

I wanted to keep eating and but was finally able to get myself under control. I plan to have a small sandwich 140 calories for supper. My total calories today will be 1810 which is still in my "good" range!

Day 13th was rather unlucky, but it was still a success!

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Jess said...

Oh, if you were curious... I had pancakes & syrup for breakfast with orange juice... then at lunch I ate a *WHOLE BOX* of Stovetop stuffing! I just couldn't help stuffing myself with stuffing...

I got it together, and got through though!