Monday, April 26, 2010

Mom in Georgia

My mom flew down to visit this past weekend with my little sister Samantha.  I was nice to see them, and we did lots of fun stuff together, but it is going to be WONDERFUL to get back on my normal schedule.

We did lots of shopping and sight-seeing.  My mom and sister complained about all the walking.

I also cringed at their POOR eating habits.  When they ate bacon cheeseburgers with fries, with a large chocolate cookie AND some recess peanut butter cups for dessert.  But with a bottle of 100% orange juice for a drink.. I had to comment.

Seriously,  TWO desserts?  With lunch?!  Come on Mom!!
And I don't care if it is "100% juice" it's just as sugary as a soda.
Top that off with a bacon cheese burger  the size of your face and fries to match....

Mom gave me the "On Vacation" excuse, but I was not happy to see the crappy eating habits being established and enforced for my sister.

Obesity is just as abusive and damaging to a child as beating her/him.  You are setting them up for a LIFETIME of health problems. 

Being fat is also a social stigma -- so there are psychological ramifications too!  GAH!

I would rant some more, but I would risk being written out of the Will. ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This morning I FINALLY went to a dermatologist about my red itchy face.

It turns out that I have not one, but two skin conditions.

The first diagnosis I had figured out on my own from the internet...


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition involving inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, or eyelids.
There is no cure for Rosacea but it can be managed by avoiding triggers which cause "flare-ups."

The second diagnosis was kind of a shock… my face is infested with mites.

The doctor got out a sterile razorblade and scraped some skin off my cheeks. He then looked under the microscope… and sure enough there was a little mite Woodstock going on. This is what is causing the facial itching that even wakes me up at night.

Now mites on the face and body are normal. Everyone actually has them. I just have a huge number, and my body sees them as an attack and

He then prescribed the cream used for Scabies to kill them off.

The mites on me are not the Scabies mite, but another type of tiny critter making my face look well, like this:

Each itchy pseudo-pimple is actually a colony of the little bastards. Now I need to kill off these jerks to a normal level and convince my body to stop try to kill them. (“Say hello to my little friend!”)

So now I have 3 different prescriptions, and should have an alabaster complexion by the weekend.

I’ll post another picture on the weekend to see if the redness has gone down.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Goal = Reward = GOAL!

My husband is a sexy-cutie angel sweetie-pie!

This weekend I got lots of pretty kitchen stuff, and 7 pieces of funky handmade, food-safe pottery,and two boardgames... under the condition I'd get Aaron a Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition.

Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition - Black (PRS600BC)

I never got what was cool about a Reading Device -- until just now.

You can carry a whole library in your purse!!!!

The copyright has expired on books over 70 years old so most are free online, and that number grows daily!

The e-version of current novels are downloadable instantly and costs less than the paper book.  Since there is no shipping you are being mega-kind to the environment!
1.) Not cutting down the trees for the paper.
2.) Not burning fuel shipping it.

Aaron teased me that I would "steal" his Reader... and good GOD my man knows me so well.  He knows me better than I know me... and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful life-partner.

I will do my best to NOT steal my husband's "toy"  -- but I really want him to download all the books in The Cat Star Chronicles for me.

He read me the first chapter aloud and got me totally hooked!!!

It's a steamy sci-fi/supernatural romance series that starts with a woman searching the universe for her sister who was kidnapped into slavery.

The sister is on a planet where ALL women are slaves.  So she devises a plan to buy a male slave of her own and have him pose as her master so she can rescue her sister.

She ends up with a super sexy cat-man from a destroyed planet.   The author's description of him reminded me of the people from Avatar --  just not 9 feet tall, or blue.   He would pass for human on first glance, being similar  height and coloring.  Alien races unfamiliar with the people of Earth would not even notice he was not human.  But his black eyes, and long fangs made his distinctly not human.

It really left me hanging!  Slave (The Cat Star Chronicles #1) is ranked 5/5 on the sizzle meter and that has me dying to know more about the relationship/ownership between the two!!  Will they safely rescue the sister?!  Will he get revenge on those who destroyed his planet?!  I want to know more about the hot, "who is the master" situations -- the cackling sexual tension... then the ultimately the consummation of all the build-up where passion takes over reason! I want to know!!!

 I am so motivated to get that book -- I am totally motivated to workout to get it as a reward!

The best part is the Sony Reader is so thin it will sit neatly fit on my elliptical trainer's display consul making it super easy to read while working out!!

This makes for a perfect cycle.  I read a great book while working out -- which makes me reach my goal -- which earns me the next book, which I will read while walking towards my next goal!

Too cool!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Turn Your Couch into a Home Gym!

Today is a workout day for me.  I plan to walk on my Precor while watching 24 since my time is tight tonight. (Cooking diner, cleaning-up, going grocery shopping, watching the 2 hour special of 24.)

Getting an home exercise machine that you use while watching TV is pretty sweet. 
You can just pedal or walk at a comfortable pace while enjoying a show or movie!

If you are new to being healthy -  a great way to keep your spot on the couch -- and burn more calories -- is to exchange your footrest with a pedal exerciser.

Digital Mobility Aid Pedal Exerciser for Arms & Legs
These babies are super small and cheap!  They range from just a stand with some pedals on it  ($25)  to high end models like the Genuine Magnetrainer ER (Extended Range) Mini Exercise Bike with silent magnetic resistance, and a display for distance and calories. ($130) You can even put it on a table and work your arms too!

But the BEST part is you don't have a HUGE bulky piece of exercise equipment taking up half of your living room!  Even the nice ones only weight about 25 pounds a unit. 
I am thinking about getting one for under my desk at work!

Take care!

Jess  :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

FAQ Fixed!

I few days ago I accidentally deleted my FAQ where I answer questions like "Do you have loose skin.

Luckily I have my website backed up, and I have restored my page!

Happy Easter by the way!

The following is a nerdy recap of yesterday... Not at all related to my weight loss/maintenance.
Feel free to read it if you're curious. :)

Last night Aaron and I were out until nearly 3 AM playing games and driving people home safely.

We played some really fun games, and some not so fun games.

I won a lot yesterday!

The first game we played was "Princes of Florence." Patrick and I tied for first, however I had the most money, which breaks the tie!

Then we played 1825 - a train/stock-holding game and I won that too!! I beat Aaron by just £100 and Patrick by a mere £43!!! It was a VERY tight game.

I played three game prototypes.

One by/with Richard Launius where you play crew of a crashed spaceship trying to get enough pieces of your ship back together and repaired -- while native creatures attack. It was lots of fun! It is a co-operative game, where all the players work together, and the game system BEATS YOU DOWN.

After that I pulled out a really fun trivia game called Bezzerwizzer!

I totally suggest picking this game up if you like trivia pursuit. There is more player interaction and ways to "steal" points from each other. It's a great game to break out at a party!!!

I also got in on a game of Heroscapes... and won!! :-D It came down to my husband's men-in-black / Agent from the Matrix Type Figure, and my Shaolin Monk. "Wooooooo-PAH!!!!"

(I made lots of "Bruce Lee" screams while rolling the dice. It was AWESOME.)

I am skipping a few games, but we finished the night with "The Gothic Game." This game is basically set in a creepier, freakier, Adams Family style home, and the object of the game is to be the last person alive. There are lots of things in the house that kill you... and the other players can too -- Yet it is fun to play!

Oh! And did I mention this is all to help kitties?

There was a game drawing (I won a game too!) and a Chili/Lasagna sale to raised money for a no-kill Shelter that rescues cats from the pound a few days before they'll be put down.

Enough money was raised to "vet" one cat.

After the cat is saved from "death" It is taken to the Vet to be screened for diseases, spade/neutered, and micro-chipped.

Then they try to find a home for the kitty. They have about 20 cats in the shelter at a time. They do only enough dog work to match pooches with foster families. No dogs are kept by the cats.

The 20 cats doesn't even count the 9 pet cats the woman who owns the shelter has, and her roommate who has a huge orange diabetic tom cat of her own too.

I better go eat breakfast!


Jess :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Jokes on Me....

My name is pretty common. There are lots of Jessicas and lots of People with the last name Scott. So I know I am not a "snowflake" when it comes to my name... There even lots of "Jessie Lees".

There are even guys named Jesse Lee!!!

Well maybe I am a tiny bit unique in the way "Lee" is spelled for my middle name:


Jessica: Invented by William Shakespeare for his play Merchant of Venice, Female form of Jesse which is Hebrew for Wealthy or Gift.

Lea: Hebrew in origin meaning 'Weary'

Scott: English, Painted Warrior

So I guess I am a Wealthy Weary Painted Warrior!

Of course Scott is my married name.  My maiden name is Frey.

Frey: Scandinavian origin, and its meaning is "lord, exalted one". In Norse mythology, Frey is the fertility god, and also the most handsome of all the deities.

Now were talking!

So anyway...  I noticed this morning that the Amazon Associates ID I have on  my blog not MINE...
I was giving a different Jessica Scott all the credit!   I am glad I caught the mistake, but I feel like SUCH AN APRIL FOOL!!!!!

Here I was... tormented about putting the ads up in the first place... and NONE of the traffic was even credited to me.  What a bummer.

I plan to work on this site this weekend.  Change the look to be more sleek, easy to read and professional looking.   Some of my pages are SUPER BROKEN and out of date.   New pics. maybe MERGE the before and after Pictures onto one page so you can see them side by side better....

Here is link I know is working!