Sunday, April 4, 2010

FAQ Fixed!

I few days ago I accidentally deleted my FAQ where I answer questions like "Do you have loose skin.

Luckily I have my website backed up, and I have restored my page!

Happy Easter by the way!

The following is a nerdy recap of yesterday... Not at all related to my weight loss/maintenance.
Feel free to read it if you're curious. :)

Last night Aaron and I were out until nearly 3 AM playing games and driving people home safely.

We played some really fun games, and some not so fun games.

I won a lot yesterday!

The first game we played was "Princes of Florence." Patrick and I tied for first, however I had the most money, which breaks the tie!

Then we played 1825 - a train/stock-holding game and I won that too!! I beat Aaron by just £100 and Patrick by a mere £43!!! It was a VERY tight game.

I played three game prototypes.

One by/with Richard Launius where you play crew of a crashed spaceship trying to get enough pieces of your ship back together and repaired -- while native creatures attack. It was lots of fun! It is a co-operative game, where all the players work together, and the game system BEATS YOU DOWN.

After that I pulled out a really fun trivia game called Bezzerwizzer!

I totally suggest picking this game up if you like trivia pursuit. There is more player interaction and ways to "steal" points from each other. It's a great game to break out at a party!!!

I also got in on a game of Heroscapes... and won!! :-D It came down to my husband's men-in-black / Agent from the Matrix Type Figure, and my Shaolin Monk. "Wooooooo-PAH!!!!"

(I made lots of "Bruce Lee" screams while rolling the dice. It was AWESOME.)

I am skipping a few games, but we finished the night with "The Gothic Game." This game is basically set in a creepier, freakier, Adams Family style home, and the object of the game is to be the last person alive. There are lots of things in the house that kill you... and the other players can too -- Yet it is fun to play!

Oh! And did I mention this is all to help kitties?

There was a game drawing (I won a game too!) and a Chili/Lasagna sale to raised money for a no-kill Shelter that rescues cats from the pound a few days before they'll be put down.

Enough money was raised to "vet" one cat.

After the cat is saved from "death" It is taken to the Vet to be screened for diseases, spade/neutered, and micro-chipped.

Then they try to find a home for the kitty. They have about 20 cats in the shelter at a time. They do only enough dog work to match pooches with foster families. No dogs are kept by the cats.

The 20 cats doesn't even count the 9 pet cats the woman who owns the shelter has, and her roommate who has a huge orange diabetic tom cat of her own too.

I better go eat breakfast!


Jess :)