Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All It Takes

1. Actually use your food journal & track your calories!

2. Actually drink lots of water!

3. Actually move your butt!

That really is all it takes to be successful at weight loss. So simple, yet so hard to do!

Last night I skipped my workout because I was too busy playing on the newly fixed computer! (The PC has been dead for a while, but it is back up again! Yea!)

I should have said, "Jess - You cannot play on the computer until you have done at least 30 mintues of cardio."

Bribery works so well for me.

Even after all these years, and all these pounds lost, I still **HATE** working out! I absolutely hate it. When I am actually doing it, it is not so bad. Afterwards, I get that good "I just worked out!" feeling. But I dread it, I avoid it... so I need to bribe myself into being healthy. ;)

I am just not the kind of bouncy person that is like, "Yeah! Let's get physical!"

Aaron suggested that If I can workout 3 times a week and stick with it for 4 weeks, I'll get a reward. I am thinking new clothes!

I'll try to post more often to see if I am successfully making it through these weeks. ;)