Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letting food go to waste or to waist

Have you ever had to “finish off” something?

“It’s just a few more bites! I don’t want it to go to waste.”

As a child I was trained to eat everything. I had to sit at the dinner table until my plate was clean. I was also denied dessert until I ate everything. When I’d complain - I was reminded about “the starving children of the world.”

I learned that wasting food was bad and over-eating was good.
I was even rewarded for over-eating with more food!!! (Dessert)

I still have moments when my inner voice screams “I need to eat this or it will be wasted!!!”

Throwing away food was like throwing away money.

But honestly how much are those last bites worth?
Do you ever really benefit from over-eating?

Learning to “Waste” Food

When your brain is screaming “EAT THIS OR IT WILL GO TO WASTE” think of your waist!

You need to learn that it is okay to throw out food and let the last few bites go.

It’s okay, seriously. It’s better in a landfill or compost-pile than jiggling on your belly.

Learning to listen to your body and turn your senses back on when it comes to food, will help you notice when your body is satisfied sooner. (Before you’re stuffed.)

When was the last time you really paid attention to what you were eating?

Learning how to enjoy your food and eat only what you need is how a healthy person lives.

For example: breakfast today I had 1 whole egg plus an egg white - scrambled, with two links of vegetarian breakfast sausage on the side. (About 250 calories) While eating I really paid attention to the scent, texture and taste of my eggs and sausage. I concentrated on my senses and really focused on what I was doing and what my body was seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling.

Honestly, it was magical. I felt just like a kid again. The eggs were full of flavor and wonderfully fluffy and spongy! The sausage was spicy and had a fantastic texture too. I even commented to Aaron (who must have thought I was crazy), “Wow! I really like scrambled eggs!” I wasn’t just woofing down my breakfast. I was actively participating in it.

Actively experiencing your feelings makes life fuller. You can feel satisfied eating less food and enjoy it more. Soon you will learn proper portions, and you will not have to worry about the excess going to waste.

Monday, June 8, 2009

About this blog

This "blog" originally started as a one-page tripod site that I would manually update. I would then send a link to my family and friends so I could share my weight loss achievements with them.

While updating the page to read: "-75 pounds lost!" I complained to a friend that I wished I kept a record of all my previous updates.

She suggested that I should use a "blog." I had never even heard of the word, but I soon had one up and going!

I also added pages for "before" and "current" pictures.

I never liked the term "after" for my pictures because the word after implies things have finished.

Truth be told, there isn't a "finish." You will always need to eating right and exercise in order to maintain a healthier body. You will need to find the level of fitness, that you can live with and be happy.

I was very unhappy with tripod(lycos) pages because they put banner ads for products I never would endorse or use all over my site, so I moved everything to blogger and turned the ads off.

Ahh! Finally peace... but that was not the case. :(

Over the years my site got really high ranks on search engines which resulted in lots of people trying to put their ads on my page.

This is why I turned the comments off for a while.

I also get lots of emails asking to purchase "ad space" as if I am a business! It really upsets me that they want to use my site to target your wallet! I fend them off daily, but it is really becoming a burden! I spend far too much time dealing with all of this! I am so tired of it all.

My number one goal has been to help others see that it is possible to lose over 100 pounds on your own - without any surgery, fad diets, "magic pills", or even a gym membership!

My compassion for you reading this page for inspiration or support is strong and clear, but it has become such a herculean task fending-off predatory advertisers!

I think I need to create my own "banner ad" to make this clear...

Comments with links targeting the overweight will be rejected.