Sunday, December 31, 2006

I look like my profile again! :)

This is just a quick update with some pictures showing how my hair has grown back in the past 2 months.

pixie cut!
October 2006 hair cut

2 months of growth.
Hair Growth since Halloween 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Cramps!

Right on schedule, my period started on Christmas. What a great "present," Christmas Cramps!

But even with my period, and after celebrating Christmas with my in-laws and my family, I was 144 this morning! YEAH!!!

I've had 1620 calories today and now need to get my butt on the bike!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

o/~ It's the most fattening time of the year o/~

This Christmas music spoof made me giggle so much I had to find it to share!
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  • 128K Stream
    Some of the lyrics are just hysterical!

    I have been eating well and exercising consistently the last couple of weeks! I've completely recovered from my Thanksgiving weight gain! In fact, I weigh a pound less today than I did on Thanksgiving! Yea!! It feels so wonderful "bucking the trend" by losing weight over the Holidays! It's not easy, but if it were easy... everyone would do it. ;)

    I have been surfing the web for articles on how to avoid holiday pounds, but all their "advice" is no brain'er stuff to me. Eat raw veggies, be active, yada-yada-yada... We know it!

    But then I snuck over to the Men's Health pages where I got some new ideas!

    There were articles like
  • "How to approach weight loss with your wife or girlfriend without getting slapped"

  • "Eight Reasons You're Still Fat"

  • "Power 12 Foods: Never Go Hungry"

    I liked the writing style they used to address a male audience. The over all tone of the articles were like "Get off your lazy ass and start getting healthy!" I liked it more than the "maybe you should eat more vegetables" approach, but that's just my preference. ;)


  • Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    How Time Flies!

    Wow, the days are just FLYING by! 2006 will be over in the blink of an eye!

    Soon many people will make the classic New Year's Resolution to "Lose Weight." Sadly, most will "give up" by Valentine's Day (and blame the chocolates!).

    The real goal to make for 2007 is to just "Live Healthier." (And NEVER give up Chocolate!!!)

    Only focusing on your weight is stressful! And being stressed makes most of us turn to high-calorie "comfort foods." These foods often make getting on the scale the next time even MORE stressful! NOT GOOD!!! You have to break FREE from that cycle!!!

    Try making a few healthy changes instead, like...
    • Drink more water!
    • Switch to whole grain wheat products for bread and pastas.
    • Stop eating deep fried foods.
    • Start keeping a food journal.
    • Be more Active.
    • If you are already active, add 10 more minutes to your workout.
    • Start weight training.

    I list many more ways to sneak healthiness into your life on my tips page.

    Remember, as long as you continue to live healthy, eventually you will be healthy!



    Thursday, December 7, 2006

    Would you like some broccoli with your salt?

    Last night Aaron and I went out for supper. I ordered a chicken breast and some "steamed broccoli." Safe right?

    Well... the broccoli tasted like it had been soaked in a brine for weeks, then boiled in salt water, then topped with extra salt to make sure it killed any offending vegetable-ness it may of have had left.

    Salty food makes me puff up like a blowfish, so needless to say I was up 2.5 pounds this morning. This was extra frustrating since I had just got back to my Pre-Thanksgiving weight the day before...

    Oh well! I'll get over it soon! I am drinking LOTS of water and I ate 1700 calories today. I also biked! :)

    Tomorrow night I am going over to my mom's to help with Christmas baking. :) I should be safe. Saturday is the Family Christmas with my Mom's Side... I am supposed to make a dish to pass... I still have no ideas on what to bring... EEK!

    I might just grab one of those veggie or fruit trays on my way there! :)