Thursday, September 25, 2008

Subliminal Help for Weight Loss?

I was recently contacted by a site that sells subliminal tapes.

They wanted to know if I would be interested in trying their weight loss product and doing a review about it on my site.

I have always been a fan of hypnosis, and the power of the subconscious mind. (Mind-over-matter, Faith Healing, etc. ) I thought it would be fun to try out. Does it really work? I was curious to find out! So I agreed to become a “guinea pig.”

I was sent a 30 minute subliminal mp3 , and I have been listening to it for about a week now.

Their website suggests listening twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening.

An easy way to do that would be during your commute. You could put a subliminal cd in your car and listen on the way in to work and on your way home.

The recording itself is layered with sounds. There is a static buzzing and an echoing drip. It’s like being in a cave and there is a drain about 25 feet away. Throughout the recording the water keeps dripping and running to that drain. At times I can hear some whispering. I can never clearly make out what is being said, but that’s what makes it subliminal!

Other times there is a scratching or a hiss. There is also a humming, like being by high-tension wires, a bug zapper, or a fluorescent light – very low and electric.

The last audio element that stands out is a low “singing glass” sound. Have you ever run your wet finger along the rim of a wine glass? It is like that sound, but very low. It’s almost like a pipe organ or glass xylophone.

That is what the audio was like to the conscious level of my mind. There are samples of the sounds on the website. I believe they offer other audio tracks to put the subliminal messages under too.

But the big question remains: Does listening to subliminal messages help with weight loss?

Well... would you be more mindful of your weight loss if every time you were in your car you heard something that reminded you that you are trying to lose weight? How likely are you to “hit the drive-thru” if it was playing? What do you think would happen if you listened to something twice a day that helps you lose weight?

I believe the messages are getting through, even though I do not consciously know what they are.

I’ve noticed that I seem to have more self control. I’ve been able to keep my calories on target the last few days, and it hasn’t been a struggle control my eating. I have been averaging between 1800 and 1600 calories a day recently. I used to fight so hard with myself, and I would STILL end up eating 2400 a day!!! Now I can eat 600 calories less than that a day without feeling hungry or deprived!

I seem to be able to control my portions better too. I am measuring my food, and recording every calorie before I eat it. This really saved me last night when I ALMOST ate over 500 calories in ice cream!!!

I had scooped half a cup of Ben and Jerry’s “S’mores” flavored ice cream (290 calories) and topped it with 2 tablespoons of magic shell (220 calories). Then instead of digging right in, I recorded my calories in my journal. That is when I (consciously) realized I had made a 510 calorie dessert!!! I then gave the ice cream to Aaron and had some Dove chocolates instead. (230 calories)

I’ve also noticed since I have been listening to the subliminal mp3, I no longer eat everything on my plate – even breakfast! I used to eat my entire bowl of instant oatmeal. (One of those little packets never seemed like enough, but it’s healthy breakfast.) This morning, there was spoonful leftover that I just didn’t feel like finishing!

So was this due to the subliminal mp3 for weight loss, or am I just being more mindful of my weight loss now that I am listening to this? I’ll let you make up your own mind on that, but either way, my health is improving by making this part of my day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Counting Calories While My Knee Heals

I have been faithfully recording my calories and I have not gained any weight since my surgery! I am so excited! The "NEW" goal is to accurately track my calories and keep them under 2100 a day, I will get a reward after two weeks of success. I am about three days in. I think I will be successful. :)

Tonight I am going to a Karaoke contest with my sister! I plan to sing the song "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME" by Def Leppard.

It will rock!

I just don't know which VERSION the karaoke guy has. There are two, one that starts with "Step inside, walk this way you and me babe, HEY! HEY!" the other starts with guitar licks and and echoing of "Love me like the bomb-bomb-bomb" version. I'll ask if he knows, and no matter which it is I will rock my heart out!!!!

I thought about doing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler, or Lita Ford's, "Kiss Me Deadly." For some rocking Female Hair-band-ness , but my heart was just sold on the Def Leppard.

Maybe there will be time before the contest starts to do one of the other songs!

If I have time I want to stop by the bar "Karaoke Kid" on the way the contest to practice the song on a live audience. I'll commit about 70% vocal strength to the performance at the kid. I would Love to head out NOW, but Aaron has a load of clothes in the dryer. We are waiting for them to dry. (At our new place, we'll have our own dryer and washer so we could just leave the clothes in the dryer and leave! That will be nice!!)

I am impatiently waiting, all dolled up in my trashy-yet-classy "bar scene" gear. I wanted to dress all "80's" but my closet did not cooperate. :( I would do my hair big... but I don't want to wear a "costume" until the finals. Are there finals? How does this contest work anyway?

PLUS - I only that it is happening by a phone call from a friend who told a friend. I am not even sure how to get into the contest. Eeek!

My sister wants to sing Pat Benatar's ALL FIRED UP for her song, and I know she will knock it out of the park.

I am listening to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" in a loop now, HOPING the lyrics will stick in my brain, and my mouth will cooperate when I try to sing them! ;-D

I am going to try calling my sister! I am so exited for tonight! :-D



Monday, September 22, 2008

A "Low-Blood Sugar" Rant

Today is my little sister’s 10th birthday! In preparation for the party tonight, my mom e-mailed me asking what kind of pizza to pick up from Papa Murphy’s. So I went to their website to look at the menu, picked two tasty types of pizza, and replied to mom.

I then noticed a link for their pizza’s “nutritional information.” Being a health-nut, I follow the link.

The Nutritional Information says that a serving size is equivalent to a slice that is 1/12 of a 16 inch pizza.

ONE TWELFTH!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!? This really burned me because the page before this said their 16 inch pizza, (Family sized) feeds 4-6 people. Does anyone ELSE see something WRONG here?!

The other sizes were the same. The 14 inch lists as feeding 3-4 people, but a “serving” is only 1/10th of a pizza.
The 12 inch serves 2-3, and a actual serving is one 1/8th of a pizza!!

For some reason this really suck in my craw.

They KNOW that people eat more than one slice by looking at their “serving estimates to pizza diameter” figures… Yet nutritionally, they list 1/12 as the **REAL** serving size. HONESTLY - who can cut their pizza into equal 6ths, 10ths, or 12ths?


I am I the ONLY one who has to re-calculate the calories in Pizza because of this? Even frozen pizzas have strange serving sizes! (1/3rd or 1/6th) The serving size of all pizza should be one eighth, one quarter, or even one half! These are sizes we can easily cut a pizza into - without the need of a protractor!!!

Seriously though, I am glad that Papa Murphy’s has their caloric information online, but I am a LITTLE pissed that they say “feeds 4 people” but their nutritional data says 12!!!!

I just want some honesty!

End Rant,



The Knee is recovering nicely! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Getting Better!

My knee is getting much better.

I actually worked a half day the day of my surgery. (Last Thursday morning.)
I then went to the hospital in the afternoon.

A nurse took my vital information, and he gave me a gown to wear. I had to have all my jewelry off and gave Aaron my glasses. My eyesight is not *that* bad, and I can see things that are about 2 feet from me clearly. The further away though, the fuzzier my vision gets.

Then they put me in a wheelchair and took me to the operating room.

Everyone is in scrubs, and their face are covered with masks, since they are all blurry I am not sure who anyone is.

They have me hop up on the operating table (which was shaped like a broken letter "t") and they start VELCROING me down to the table - my arms out on the boards to the side.

Then the anesthesiologist comes over and starts putting stuff in my IV. His masked face leans into focus and says, "You have very beautiful eyes."

I replied, "Thank you, I got them from my dad." And that is the last thing I remember before waking in the recovery room.

Looking back on it, it is pretty creepy to have a stranger complement you on your eyes, then render you unconscious - while you're strapped down to a table...

Anyway! I am just so happy to FINALLY have my left knee cleaned up!

I spent Friday and Saturday in bed. I took regular OTC Tylenol for pain every 4-6 hours with my leg up with ice on my knee.

They gave me a script for "better" pain meds, but those pills don't work well for me and only leave me constipated.

I get the most relief from Ibuprofen, but my doctor has me on an aspirin regimen to prevent blood clots... And those two drugs don't play well together, (Advil + Aspirin, Cancels Aspirin's blood thinning properties) so I have to take Tylenol - which doesn't do that much.

Sunday was a tad better, less ice, less meds.

Monday, I spent home from work, and went without ice and meds.

Tuesday, I was already back to work. I missed only 2.5 days having knee surgery. My knee was really sore on Tuesday, but I took it easy.

I've been doing PT 4 times a day too. I need to 10 reps where I flex my toes up, and raise my leg off the floor - hold for 5 seconds, down, repeat. My other exersice I straighten my leg and press it down for a count of 5. (10 reps)

I am getting better. I can even move around our place without a cane or crutch!

My post-op is on Monday and I am very excited to be "approved" to drive again!

Have A Great Weekend!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm in a Facebook Ad Again?!?!

This picture is being used in facebook ads again! :(

My Virtual Model
Copyright © (2001-2008) My Virtual Model, Inc.

I contacted MVM, and they sent a complaint to Facebook Advertising dept.

We will wait and see what their reply is.

If you see the ad online again, PLEASE tag it as "Misleading" so it can be identified in facebook's system more quickly!

Thank you for your help!!! :-D

Jess :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Knee Surgery Today

It's raining today and my knee is just throbbing!

I am having apple jucie for breakfast because I can only have clear foods/liquids...

My nurse said I should have Jell-O, but I am not a fan of the stuff. I don't want to buy some just for this one day.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Second two week goal met!

I was able to walk an hour 5 days a week for another 2 weeks!

That's 4 weeks in a row! My next batch of rewards in on the way. :)

I will not be able to do this again though because I will be laid up from surgery.

I will need to think of a new goal to work towards.