Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Getting Better!

My knee is getting much better.

I actually worked a half day the day of my surgery. (Last Thursday morning.)
I then went to the hospital in the afternoon.

A nurse took my vital information, and he gave me a gown to wear. I had to have all my jewelry off and gave Aaron my glasses. My eyesight is not *that* bad, and I can see things that are about 2 feet from me clearly. The further away though, the fuzzier my vision gets.

Then they put me in a wheelchair and took me to the operating room.

Everyone is in scrubs, and their face are covered with masks, since they are all blurry I am not sure who anyone is.

They have me hop up on the operating table (which was shaped like a broken letter "t") and they start VELCROING me down to the table - my arms out on the boards to the side.

Then the anesthesiologist comes over and starts putting stuff in my IV. His masked face leans into focus and says, "You have very beautiful eyes."

I replied, "Thank you, I got them from my dad." And that is the last thing I remember before waking in the recovery room.

Looking back on it, it is pretty creepy to have a stranger complement you on your eyes, then render you unconscious - while you're strapped down to a table...

Anyway! I am just so happy to FINALLY have my left knee cleaned up!

I spent Friday and Saturday in bed. I took regular OTC Tylenol for pain every 4-6 hours with my leg up with ice on my knee.

They gave me a script for "better" pain meds, but those pills don't work well for me and only leave me constipated.

I get the most relief from Ibuprofen, but my doctor has me on an aspirin regimen to prevent blood clots... And those two drugs don't play well together, (Advil + Aspirin, Cancels Aspirin's blood thinning properties) so I have to take Tylenol - which doesn't do that much.

Sunday was a tad better, less ice, less meds.

Monday, I spent home from work, and went without ice and meds.

Tuesday, I was already back to work. I missed only 2.5 days having knee surgery. My knee was really sore on Tuesday, but I took it easy.

I've been doing PT 4 times a day too. I need to 10 reps where I flex my toes up, and raise my leg off the floor - hold for 5 seconds, down, repeat. My other exersice I straighten my leg and press it down for a count of 5. (10 reps)

I am getting better. I can even move around our place without a cane or crutch!

My post-op is on Monday and I am very excited to be "approved" to drive again!

Have A Great Weekend!


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