Monday, September 22, 2008

A "Low-Blood Sugar" Rant

Today is my little sister’s 10th birthday! In preparation for the party tonight, my mom e-mailed me asking what kind of pizza to pick up from Papa Murphy’s. So I went to their website to look at the menu, picked two tasty types of pizza, and replied to mom.

I then noticed a link for their pizza’s “nutritional information.” Being a health-nut, I follow the link.

The Nutritional Information says that a serving size is equivalent to a slice that is 1/12 of a 16 inch pizza.

ONE TWELFTH!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!? This really burned me because the page before this said their 16 inch pizza, (Family sized) feeds 4-6 people. Does anyone ELSE see something WRONG here?!

The other sizes were the same. The 14 inch lists as feeding 3-4 people, but a “serving” is only 1/10th of a pizza.
The 12 inch serves 2-3, and a actual serving is one 1/8th of a pizza!!

For some reason this really suck in my craw.

They KNOW that people eat more than one slice by looking at their “serving estimates to pizza diameter” figures… Yet nutritionally, they list 1/12 as the **REAL** serving size. HONESTLY - who can cut their pizza into equal 6ths, 10ths, or 12ths?


I am I the ONLY one who has to re-calculate the calories in Pizza because of this? Even frozen pizzas have strange serving sizes! (1/3rd or 1/6th) The serving size of all pizza should be one eighth, one quarter, or even one half! These are sizes we can easily cut a pizza into - without the need of a protractor!!!

Seriously though, I am glad that Papa Murphy’s has their caloric information online, but I am a LITTLE pissed that they say “feeds 4 people” but their nutritional data says 12!!!!

I just want some honesty!

End Rant,



The Knee is recovering nicely! :)

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Jess said...

Jejeje... I already get used to this... Here in MExico, the same happens not only with pizza, but with bread, sugar-beverages, EVEN LOW FAT YOGURT!!!

I have to admit, i've never see this "pizza nutritional facts"... it is by far A VERY WEIRD THING!!

Hugs for your little sister, glad to read from your knee recovery.. KEEP UP!