Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Counting Calories While My Knee Heals

I have been faithfully recording my calories and I have not gained any weight since my surgery! I am so excited! The "NEW" goal is to accurately track my calories and keep them under 2100 a day, I will get a reward after two weeks of success. I am about three days in. I think I will be successful. :)

Tonight I am going to a Karaoke contest with my sister! I plan to sing the song "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME" by Def Leppard.

It will rock!

I just don't know which VERSION the karaoke guy has. There are two, one that starts with "Step inside, walk this way you and me babe, HEY! HEY!" the other starts with guitar licks and and echoing of "Love me like the bomb-bomb-bomb" version. I'll ask if he knows, and no matter which it is I will rock my heart out!!!!

I thought about doing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler, or Lita Ford's, "Kiss Me Deadly." For some rocking Female Hair-band-ness , but my heart was just sold on the Def Leppard.

Maybe there will be time before the contest starts to do one of the other songs!

If I have time I want to stop by the bar "Karaoke Kid" on the way the contest to practice the song on a live audience. I'll commit about 70% vocal strength to the performance at the kid. I would Love to head out NOW, but Aaron has a load of clothes in the dryer. We are waiting for them to dry. (At our new place, we'll have our own dryer and washer so we could just leave the clothes in the dryer and leave! That will be nice!!)

I am impatiently waiting, all dolled up in my trashy-yet-classy "bar scene" gear. I wanted to dress all "80's" but my closet did not cooperate. :( I would do my hair big... but I don't want to wear a "costume" until the finals. Are there finals? How does this contest work anyway?

PLUS - I only that it is happening by a phone call from a friend who told a friend. I am not even sure how to get into the contest. Eeek!

My sister wants to sing Pat Benatar's ALL FIRED UP for her song, and I know she will knock it out of the park.

I am listening to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" in a loop now, HOPING the lyrics will stick in my brain, and my mouth will cooperate when I try to sing them! ;-D

I am going to try calling my sister! I am so exited for tonight! :-D



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Wenchy said...

Enjoy the singing!