Thursday, September 25, 2008

Subliminal Help for Weight Loss?

I was recently contacted by a site that sells subliminal tapes.

They wanted to know if I would be interested in trying their weight loss product and doing a review about it on my site.

I have always been a fan of hypnosis, and the power of the subconscious mind. (Mind-over-matter, Faith Healing, etc. ) I thought it would be fun to try out. Does it really work? I was curious to find out! So I agreed to become a “guinea pig.”

I was sent a 30 minute subliminal mp3 , and I have been listening to it for about a week now.

Their website suggests listening twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening.

An easy way to do that would be during your commute. You could put a subliminal cd in your car and listen on the way in to work and on your way home.

The recording itself is layered with sounds. There is a static buzzing and an echoing drip. It’s like being in a cave and there is a drain about 25 feet away. Throughout the recording the water keeps dripping and running to that drain. At times I can hear some whispering. I can never clearly make out what is being said, but that’s what makes it subliminal!

Other times there is a scratching or a hiss. There is also a humming, like being by high-tension wires, a bug zapper, or a fluorescent light – very low and electric.

The last audio element that stands out is a low “singing glass” sound. Have you ever run your wet finger along the rim of a wine glass? It is like that sound, but very low. It’s almost like a pipe organ or glass xylophone.

That is what the audio was like to the conscious level of my mind. There are samples of the sounds on the website. I believe they offer other audio tracks to put the subliminal messages under too.

But the big question remains: Does listening to subliminal messages help with weight loss?

Well... would you be more mindful of your weight loss if every time you were in your car you heard something that reminded you that you are trying to lose weight? How likely are you to “hit the drive-thru” if it was playing? What do you think would happen if you listened to something twice a day that helps you lose weight?

I believe the messages are getting through, even though I do not consciously know what they are.

I’ve noticed that I seem to have more self control. I’ve been able to keep my calories on target the last few days, and it hasn’t been a struggle control my eating. I have been averaging between 1800 and 1600 calories a day recently. I used to fight so hard with myself, and I would STILL end up eating 2400 a day!!! Now I can eat 600 calories less than that a day without feeling hungry or deprived!

I seem to be able to control my portions better too. I am measuring my food, and recording every calorie before I eat it. This really saved me last night when I ALMOST ate over 500 calories in ice cream!!!

I had scooped half a cup of Ben and Jerry’s “S’mores” flavored ice cream (290 calories) and topped it with 2 tablespoons of magic shell (220 calories). Then instead of digging right in, I recorded my calories in my journal. That is when I (consciously) realized I had made a 510 calorie dessert!!! I then gave the ice cream to Aaron and had some Dove chocolates instead. (230 calories)

I’ve also noticed since I have been listening to the subliminal mp3, I no longer eat everything on my plate – even breakfast! I used to eat my entire bowl of instant oatmeal. (One of those little packets never seemed like enough, but it’s healthy breakfast.) This morning, there was spoonful leftover that I just didn’t feel like finishing!

So was this due to the subliminal mp3 for weight loss, or am I just being more mindful of my weight loss now that I am listening to this? I’ll let you make up your own mind on that, but either way, my health is improving by making this part of my day.

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