Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chocolate Explosion

Last night Aaron and I went out for dinner at "Boston's The Gourmet Pizza".

We started the evening with a poor excuse for "Screaming Hot" Wings. Only two pieces were actually chicken wings!! The rest were legs ("drummies") from Cornish hens.

We also asked for them to be "as hot as possible" and without blue cheese or ranch dressing on the side - because they'd cut the heat! (and add unnecessary calories!) But they didn't even have me reaching for my water... sad, sad, sad.

For the "Main Attraction" we order one of their
"Gourmet Pizzas," a Tuscan.

Roasted garlic, marinara sauce, spinach, sundried tomatoes, spicy chicken, feta, mozzarella, and cheddar.

The toppings were really fresh and delicious! It was pretty tasty pizza. I couldn't help but think it tasted like an up-scale version Pizza Hut though. The crust really tasted like Pizza Hut's hand tossed crust, which is okay because I like it!

I had only one slice of pizza because I wanted to save my calories for what we wanted for dessert... and oh, my god... that dessert made the whole trip worth it. It was the best part of the meal hands down..

It was called a "Chocolate Explosion."

The ultimate chocolate lovers dessert. A thick and creamy chocolate mousse exploding with chunks of cheesecake, caramel, toffee, pecans and almonds piled high on a chocolate crust.

Seriously this thing was orgasmic. Aaron and I split one of the generous slices of this heavenly concoction. Pure bliss!!

I puffed up to 145.75 this morning, but that is to be expected after eating salty restaurant food, and enjoying a night out.

I had back to back Tai Chi this morning which was brutal considering my butt was still sore from walking & Kick Ball on Thursday.

Today was a total caloric train wreck. It was like I had a tape worm, or a hollow leg... I guess my body just need more calories to recover from all that exercise!!

Oh well! I am gonna head to bed! :) *HUGS*



Friday, April 28, 2006

Re-Reward Reached!

I was back to 145 this morning! It feels so good to be back on track!! Next Friday I get to open my Re-reward! Now I know that Re-reward isn’t a “real” word, but it has a meaning people understand. I am getting a reward for reaching 145 again.

The first time I was 145 was October 27th last year. That was 183 days ago! Then the Holidays and other events happened that totally stalled-out my weight loss for a few months!

But now the weather is getting warm, and I’m ready to go!!!! I hope to reach the 130’s this summer! I am so close now!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everything is Cool!

WOO HOO!!! I was 146.00 again this morning, just as I was hoping I would be after the junk I ate yesterday!

Today I am right back to eating well. :) Good thing too, because the REWARD I get for reaching 145 arrived today! Talk about motivation!!! I can't wait until I can open that box!!! :-)

For activities today I walked and played an hour of kick ball! :)

Now to spend a relaxing evening at home!!! :)


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Taller than I thought I was!

I went to the Doctor this morning (just a check-up) and was shocked to see I was 167 cm tall! (65.75 inches or 5 feet, 5 3/4 inches) That’s like a centimeter taller that I thought I was! That also makes my BMI look slightly better. ;) (23.74 vs. 23.93)

Today one of my co-workers brought in a delicious cake! A yellow cake layered with crushed pineapple, creamy vanilla pudding & whipped cream topped with shredded coconut. *DROOLS* I decided that a slice of that cake will be my lunch today. ;) It is not every day that a cake like that comes around!

I will also be having Topper’s Pizza for supper tonight.

Taking my current BMR times and my Activity level... I can eat 2270 Calories a day and maintain my weight.

I was 146.00 this AM. Let’s hope I am still that tomorrow!



Monday, April 24, 2006

What I ate today!

Last entry I said I was "back to normal." I feel like I need to say what I eat on a "normal" day.

Breakfast is usually one packet of instant oatmeal, calories range depending on flavor, but are under 200.

Mid-AM, I have a snack of a yogurt with 1/2 a cup of All-Bran. Calories for this snack are between 180 & 260 depending on the yogurt type and flavor.

Late-AM, I have some fruit. Usually a banana, but sometimes other fresh fruit, or a dole fruit cup. About 130 more calories.

Late Lunch - I have a microwaveable meal that is 400 calories or less. Other times I have a sandwich/sub, or a slice of pizza of equal or lesser caloric value.

Supper is what ever I feel like having with my remaining calories. Tonight we had pasta!

I walked over 2 miles today for my activity and my total calories were 1910.

I was 146.75 this morning, up a pound from yesterday, but I was expecting that. I had a super salty taco yesterday, and knew I would bloat up, but it tasted so good!

I should be all better by tomorrow! :-)


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back to Normal!!!

I was 146.00 again this morning, the same weight as yesterday! I decided to list today a "Weight Loss Victory," because I am finally back to Normal!!

The past week my body has been recovering from a business trip to Maui. Every day this week I lost a half-pound or more! It was getting kinda scary. I am glad that things are finally back to normal! :-)

Tonight my sister is participating in a bartending contest! I am gonna go cheer her on! :) I'll be drinking tall glasses of ice water, and trying to avoid all the smoke, but I will be there for her!

She is tending at the London Station, in London, WI.

If you can get to London. You can't miss the bar... I mean it IS the whole town basically. Hopefully they have Karaoke or a Band tonight! Even if they don't I will dance to the juke box. Burn a few more calories! I also had a double-dose of Tai Chi this morning.

I ate a total of 1700 calories today. (230 from a Milk Chocolate with Almonds bar by Ghirardelli. *DROOLS!!!*)

Well I am off for a night on the itsy-bisty "town" of London, WI. It isn't even incorporated... I think to population might be pushing 100... but I am just guessing. ;)

Thanks for Checking in! Later!!!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Still doing great! :-)

Hawaii weight is still melting away. I was 146.00 this morning. That's 6 pounds since Easter, but things are finally slow down to a normal pace again.

I am taking today as a rest day becuase tomorrow morning we have double Tai Chi.

On Monday my reward for getting back under 150 should arrive, and I am just one pound away from to getting the reward for reaching 145! Woo!

I hope that I get under 145 before the end of the month, and then finally under 140 before June. :-)

I still have to eat supper, but I am at 1070 calories right now. I should be at about 1800 when supper is over. :-)

What I ate so far today:

1 Packet Instant oatmeal - 140
Light Yogurt - 100
1/2 c. All Bran - 80
Diced Peaches - 80
Banana - 150
Turkey - 90
Slice of Whole Wheat Bread - 70
Mustard & a pickle - 10
Salad & Dressing - 150
1/2 a Chocolate Bar - 200

I plan to have BBQ'd Chicken and Mashed Potatoes with some veggie for supper.

I better get going on that! :-)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Weight Still Dropping Fast

I was surprised this morning to see I was down to 147.25 already! It's nice that my weight is quickly heading back towards where I was before Maui, but I am kinda surprised at how fast the extra weight is shedding. Seriously, I have lost 4.75 pounds since Sunday! Although a lot of that was bloat and a big meal still in my belly.

Oh! Speaking of bloat, I feel like I was being extra sneaky to avoid sodium. Aaron and I went grocery shopping tonight. I wanted to get some almonds for a snack. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats (the ones that are good for the heart) and rich in antioxidants, fiber and plant sterols that help lower bad cholesterol levels! But all the Almonds they had in the nut section had over 200mg of salt per 1/4 cup serving!!!

So I went to the baking good section where I found a 3 ounce bag of unsalted almonds for 99 cents! SCORE!

Life is good! :)


1700 calories today
Walked 1.25 miles for exercise.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Down Another Pound

This morning I was down another pound. (148.50) That should be about it for the Maui bloat weight... Now starts the hard part where I have to burning off the rest.

Today I walked just over two miles before supper, then after supper, I lightly biked for about 45 minutes.

I had a total of about 1690 calories today to the best of my estimations. I was able to get the "exact" calories of most things I ate, however there were some where I just had to make the best educated guess I could. I also drank over a gallon of water today. Tomorrow should be good! Now it's time for a good night's rest!

Thanks for checking up on me!! :)


Monday, April 17, 2006

Under 150 again.

I was 149.50 this morning. That's 2.5 pounds less than what I was on Easter Morning! I guess a lot of that extra weight was bloat after all! I still have a long way to go to recover though...

I asked Aaron if I will get a reward if I am still under 150 next Monday, and he said, "Yeah, that is what we decided." I just had to make sure though.

To be honest, I feel miserable today. I am in a total funk. I think it is mild depression. I get this way after I have a huge weight spike. I try to not let it bother me... but it does. It really, really does.

I tried playing a game with Aaron but was distracted by counting up my calories and thinking that I should be exercising... It's impossible to have fun when you are worrying about something else... *SIGH*

I got really agitated by the game and I was already agitated enough by my weight. I decided I needed some chocolate to help curb my bad feelings... which is really anti-productive to my weight loss, but it gives me that "quick fix" feeling... But when I got there the cupboard was bare!! It turns out I've LOST our bag of Easter Candy!

So now I am beating myself up about losing the bag, and still wanting chocolate, and being "fat." Not fun. Argh! I just need to get my inner voices to accept the situation, and stop nagging/whining at me.

Here are some examples of what my inner thoughts are like right now:

"I want chocolate... wah!!!"
"You don't really need the chocolate."
"I don't care, it makes me feel better."
"Exercise will make you feel better too!"
"It is too late to exercise."
"It's never to late for Chocolate!"
"Don't worry about the stupid bag of candy."
"I feel so stupid and wasteful!"
"Even if you found the chocolate, you really shouldn't eat this late anyway."
"You should just go to bed."
"Yeah! I really should just go to bed."

I am gonna go to bed. Hopefully a good nights sleep will help me get out of this funk! :-) You would think that I wouldn't be this way... I have lost so much weight... yet still have days like this.

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.

Good Night!!!


No Exercise Today
Total Calories: 1730

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hitting Reset

It is so great to be HOME!! I was not able to fall asleep on the plane like I hoped, so I was awake for over 30 hours before I finally made it home and fell into a coma-like sleep. I was too exhausted to notice that I was home really. Then at 3:30 AM I was startled awake when Sabina (our gray cat) jumped on me, wanting to be fed breakfast. Ahh! It is great to be home!

I got on the physician's scale this morning and moved the counter-weights to discover I was 152.00. I was 144.50 on the day I flew out. So, I only gained 7.5 pounds over 2 weeks in Maui!! That's not that bad at all!! :-)

I gained 8.25 pounds in the one week that was UGM, 5.5 pounds during a one week Go-Live in Southern California, and I even managed to gain 5 pounds on a 2 day on a business trip to Chicago!!!

Considering that I was away from home for 14 days, and eating out for at least one meal each day, PLUS I got my period while out there... I am really proud I was able to hold myself to only 7.5 pounds! :-)

I am hoping that some of the 7.5 pounds is new muscle, and the rest is just bloat from all the extra-salty restaurant food. It should go away quickly! :-)

So now what? Well, I decided to hit the "Reset Button."

I plan to do a fresh start, and re-reward myself for reaching 150 and 145 again. Hopefully things will go smooth, and I will have enough steam to finally reach 140!! ;-) I asked Aaron what he thought of the "Reset" idea, and he's cool with it!

Today we celebrated Easter with our families. I kept track of what I ate, but enjoyed everything that I wanted. It was really fun, but we didn't really have much time because Aaron needed to get home to do Calculus, and remove his contacts.

For exercise today I biked, and did a few lifts to start getting back into the swing of things. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Packed My Own Lunch!!!

Wow. Last night 9 of us went out for sushi again. It was a feast. I walked to and from the restaurant, so that was about 4 miles! I have been doing a great job at staying active... just really bad at limiting my calorie intake!

Today one of the Implementers (the role at my work that is constantly traveling to help customers install our software) said that gaining 5 pounds on a go-live is average and unavoidable. So I feel a bit better. I mean 2 weeks away from home, unhealthy snacks everywhere, plus eating out for most meals EVERYDAY!?!?!?!?!?! Things were just not in my favor.

I fly home tomorrow night!!!! I check out tomorrow MORNING!!! I’ll have to pack! Wow! I am so happy to be going home!!! I miss Aaron so much, and our kitties! I can’t wait to pump iron again, ride my bike, and go back to Tai Chi!

I look forward to eating normal meals too. I miss the "heat" of home. You see, Aaron and I eat really HOT food. Like every meal involves some sort of hot sauce, or peppers.

But mostly I look forward to sleeping in my own bed, next to Aaron. I have suffered the last few weeks sleeping alone. I have 4 pillows on the bed, two for my head, and two running along next to me to cuddle next too. It's just not the same :(

I had a fried egg on whole wheat toast for breakfast today with a handful of Almonds & Cashews. I also packed my own lunch today! I want to eat up (but not pig-out on) the few groceries I have left. I think did a good job of actually buying just what I need.

My lunch is a P.B. & J on wheat. I also brought a snack, some light yogurt with a cup of All-Bran for added CRUNCH! Yum!

Home home home!!! I can't wait!!!! :-)


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Total Loss of Control

The other day my roommate told me: “On Maui, you are not allowed to feel home sick.”

But I am homesick no matter what the “rules” are. I am on one of the most beautiful places on earth, on my company’s expense account, and I would rather be back home in the "ghetto."

Last night I just “snapped” and ate three bowls of cereal after supper. I was doing SO good that day until then. I was so careful with everything I ate, and even walked the 2 miles to the restaurant where I had a Citrus Grilled Chicken Breast. So healthy!

But then…
When I got home from the restaurant I wanted a “treat” so I had a Key Lime Pie Light Yogurt, with 1/2 a cup of all-bran… but that didn’t seem to do the trick. I wanted more!! So I went and just poured more cereal into the bowl without measuring this time, and added milk. Before I knew it… I was pouring another bowl!!!

Okay. Having a “binge” on All-Bran isn’t that bad, in fact the amount of fiber I ate last night just might nullify all those extra calories I consumed.

I am off to a rocky start again today. I got up and did some Tai Chi and Yoga, but then ran out of time, and had to run out the door to work without eating breakfast.

Then when I got into work, I started eating some of the “snacks” they have out. I had a hand-full of trail mix/dried fruit(100 calories), lots of Hershey’s Kisses (400 calories), and a bag of 100 Calorie Graham Cracker Goldfish snack pack, and now an apple fritter donut thingy... so... I am like already at 1000 calories so far!!! Not a good start!

Man! When you fall off the wagon it is so hard to get back up again! Today might not be perfect… But even if the rest of this trip turns into a weight loss disaster, I know that no matter how bad it gets, there is no way I will get up to 280 pounds in 3 days! ;) (But if I come back 150… I won’t be shocked.)

The Scale this morning said that I was getting close to 150, but I still seem to be in the 140’s – the mid to high 140’s - but I’ll be just fine. I just have to chill out.

I have been doing a great job on my water drinking, and I have been able to stay active. It is just the eating thing that has gone totally out of wack. I know that the reason my calories are out of control is because I lack control over what I have to eat.

Lunch and dinner come from restaurants each day. I have to pick from the menu… and that is what I am stuck with. I try to make the best choice, but even the best choice isn’t that healthy most times. They also give me huge "tourist-size" portions. *SIGH*

Okay. I am nearly home. I will get over this weight loss speed bump, and just enjoy my last few days here in moderation. I am stressing myself out too much about this "food thing."

I am gonna just "hang-loose" and just go with the flow here in Hawaii and stop FREAKING OUT.

I'll get back on track when I get back to the main land! ;-)

It may take me a month to get back down to where I was... but I know that I will get there eventually. It is all good. I know I can get over this! I have had it happen many times before.

I've totally had a "blow-out" but I will get my tire changed and get back on the road to healthiness! :) It is just gonna take a few days before AAA gets here with that tow-truck! heh ;)

Looking forward to getting HOME!!!!!



Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not so bad...

Okay. I was around 146-ish this morning. I was a bit alarmed, but with my period (It ended today, and it started last Thursday) and this business trip that has me eating out for at least one meal each day... things were just not in my favor!

I brought along my yoga dvd to do, but I was not able to do with with my period. My dvd says women who are menstruation should not do inverted poses for it makes them bleed heavier, and who am I to argue with that?

Most nights after work we just go out to eat some where, and I don't get to workout at night.

I almost got upset about my climbing weight, but then I recalled that I've STILL lost over 130 pounds, even with the minimal weight I have gained on this trip.

It's all good. I am sure that when I get home and back in to my usual schedule, I will easily loose this new weight.

My body is more about getting more toned now instead of losing weight. I have been hovering at the 145-ish mark for a long while now, and fit in a size 8! I think this is just where I will have to stay for a while until my body says it is ready to move on. I am in no rush! Slow and steady wins the race, yah?

I don't need to reach a certain number. I don't need to be a certain size. I just need to work at being the healthiest I can be! :)

Three more days until HOME!!!!!

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I miss Aaron so much!

I can't wait until I am with him again!!!!


Sunday, April 9, 2006

Sexy new do!

Wow! My new hair-do is amazing!!! I feel like a movie star! I want it to be a surprise for my hubbie, but if you are curious here is what it looks like. (Shhh! Don't let Aaron know!) I love it!

I went for a walk this morning, swam in the ocean, and did some push-ups and sit ups. I think I will go for a walk again once it starts to cool down.

It is nearly 3 PM for me now, and my calories for today are looking good! :) My weight is still stuck on that 145 mark, but it isn't spiraling up out of control... so it is all good!!!

I constantly have the opportunity to eat like there is no tomorrow. The seafood has been the best I have ever tasted, and Epic will reimburse me for my meals.

I think I will go out again for sushi tonight. I think that is the plan anyway. ;)

5 more days and I can go home. I REALLY want to go home. I miss Aaron so much I feel sick.

I call him and write him as much as possible to fill the void... but I seriously miss him. I don't want to be apart from him ever again. :-(


Saturday, April 8, 2006

One more week..

God I miss my husband!!!! This is the longest we have ever been apart. I miss him with every fiber of my being. I call him and e-mail him daily, but I miss the feeling of being held in his arms. I miss falling asleep with my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. *SIGH!*

As a special treat for my return I am getting my hair done today. I can't give any details because I want it to be a surprise to Aaron. He knows that I am doing "something" to my hair, just not what exactly. It will be like a "new woman" getting off the plane! ;)

Last night my roommate wanted to go out to eat again. He wanted a Steak. I wanted to stay in and rest some more to get over this stupid cold. I also wanted to eat the healthy groceries that I bought.

He thought I was insane for not wanting to go out each night. Since this is a business trip all of our expenses are reimbursed. So why not dine out at the big-ticket restaurants on the company's dime?

Well, I think that eating out at fancy places each night is disrespectful. I want to be smart with our company's money, and blowing $30 bucks on one meal just seems wasteful!

I also know the price that dining out each night takes on the waist. After nearly a week in Hawaii, my weight is still hovering around the same 144/145 mark. (YEA!!!!!!!) I really think that I can come back from this trip the same weight, or less that I left!! So far so good, yeah?

I keep feeling pressured to "cut-loose" though. It is like everyone is the little devil on my shoulder.

"Everything is paid for, Splurge a little!"
"Don't worry about Calories, you are in Hawaii!"
"Just relax and enjoy."

But I can not relax. I can enjoy things, but seriously, if I let my guard down, I could really pack on the pounds!

I do not want to fail this time. I want to make it to the 14th a success!!! I want to make it back to Aaron a winner! ;)

If I weight 145 or less on Easter Morning. I will be a success! :) I know I can do this!!! :-)

One week to go!


Friday, April 7, 2006

Got Sick. Got Period.

Aw man! I got a cold. :-( I am not sure if it is just like “hay-fever” from all the flowers here, or if I caught something on the plane that had a 4 day incubation period… Whatever it was, I am sick. My sinuses hurt, my nose constantly running. And now the dripping down the back has caused a sore throat and I feel it creeping into my lungs as well. I feel miserable… and then if that wasn’t enough. My period also started!

The ladies here at Wailuku Clinic are so nice! I was shivering from my cold, and the insane A/C, so they found me a ridiculous long sleeved jacket-like thing from the lab. It was a weird liquid proof fabric to protect them from the blood and urine samples they work with. After a few more hours, and not much help from a couple Over-The-Counter drug purchases, they encouraged me to just go home… So I went up stairs to see if I could get a ride back to the condo. When I entered the “war room” they were like: “Why are you wearing that?!” I said, “I am sick.” The next thing I new a nice doctor was leading me back to her office to rest on her couch for a while. I dozed for about an hour.

At three I got up and went back down stairs to work again. It was really easy for the ladies here really seem to have the hang of our software! So work isn’t really that hard at this point. Sounds like I will be supporting the Kehei Clinic tomorrow instead of my original assignment. Makes sense since I am with in walking distance of that clinic and have no car! I have already walked farther than the clinic just for exercise the other day, so I have said I am cool with that schedule. I think that the clinic is only open 8 AM to noon too! Sweet!

Last night when I got off from work, I went straight home, and crawled into bed. I was asleep by 8 PM and slept solid until 6:15 this morning.

With this cold I can’t be that active, so I am really trying to keep my calories in check. (Around 1700 to 1900 a day) My weight still looks like it is right around the 145 mark, and I am super periody puffy. I think I should get a good nights sleep again tonight, and I will walk to the Kehei Clinic tomorrow for work. I still need to confirm that, but it is all good!


Today I learned about, and got to taste a yummy new dish called “pan sushi.”

It takes all the stuff you would put in sushi, but layers it in a glass casserole pan. It looks beautiful and tastes "Oishi!"

I think this is how it is done:
Make 4 cups of sushi rice as directed. Season with rice vinegar. Press seasoned rice in an even layer in a 10x15 glass pan.

Next, Layer with your favorite sushi toppings, like:

• Crab salad & Cucumber
• Baby Shrimp & Cream Cheese
• Avocado & Salmon Salad
• Etc…

Once all desired layers are over the rice, cover and chill, cut into squares, and serve with strips of nori! (The nori is used like a chip to pick up the sushi squares, like a dip.) It is so good!!! I can’t wait to try and make it at home! :)

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

So far, So good

On Monday I was supporting the Go-Live from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM… and that isn’t even counting the 30-40 minute travel time (each way) between the clinic and the condo! What a long day!!! When I got in I was beat, and hungry!!! I pretty much ate and collapsed last night and did not get to write anything. But I got off by 5:30 tonight, and I’m back!

There is still sun light out and I was thinking about heading over to the beach… but I am such a chicken. I don’t want to go alone to the beach… maybe I will brave the pool by myself.

I need to get out of my work clothes, and do something active tonight. I might walk to a near by restaurant for dinner, but the food there will nullify any good the walking did I am sure! I bought a lot of food so I should just make supper! ;) but I gotta do something healthy first! I KNOW! I will do the yoga DVD I brought with!

Although the scale I brought with is not as accurate as the physician’s balance scale I have at home, it looked like my weight was in between 143 & 144 this morning. So far so good! I have 10 more days to go though. Ugh.

And the Word is in from the locals: When on Maui, get Sushi at Sansei’s in Kehei. It is best to go on Thursday - Saturday nights after 10 pm, because sushi is HALF PRICE then. (+Karaoke)

Yippie! We also had bento lunches today on site! I had unagi bento. Bento is a Japanese boxed lunch with little sections to keep all the foods separate, and Unagi means eel. The eel was AWESOME. It was cooked and covered in an addictive sauce, served on a bed of white rice. I slow ate the unagi with chop sticks and only ate the bit of rice with the sauce on it. I threw out the other cup and a half of white rice in the bento. I did not want to blow my calories today on plan white rice, Yah?

I better get going on that Yoga so I can then get going on supper!
Hopefully things will be less hectic so I can start blogging daily again!


*DROOLS* I had a “Sunset Sushi” which I believe was some yellow fin and tuna wrapped around a small ball of rice topped with salmon eggs and a quail egg. It was incredible. I also had some sashimi of more tuna, and some octopus! It was divine!

I was also able to convince 7 other co-workers to split some deep fried banana cheesecake, and some tempura fried macadamia nut ice cream! ROCK ON!!!! I as able to try a bite of each of these crazy concoctions! Then pass it on to 7 other curious mouths.

Mmm!!! It was sushi-riffic and we plan to go back on Saturday night to get half priced sushi and sing KARAOKE!!!!!!! YIPPEE! :)

We are gonna go walk along the ocean now. Get some exercise, and enjoy the island while I can ;)



Sunday, April 2, 2006

In O'Hare!

Today I woke up at 3:30 (with the time change too, ew) and weighed myself. I was 144.50 at what felt like 2:30 AM my body. I figure I must be just fine! :)

Right now, I am in between flights here at O'Hare Airport!

Things are off to a good start! I got my snacks packed and lots of water with. I am feeling pretty good about things today!

In my survival bag I have:
I have 2 green apples (120 calories each)
6 liters of bottled water (Minus 2 now) (0 calories)
2 peanut butter and honey on whole wheat sandwiches (350 each)
and two kinds of granola bars. (130 - 140 calories each)

I plan to have some Orange Juice and Yogurt before we head out. Our Flight starts boarding at 9:20 local time, and leaves at 10 AM. It is about an hour before boarding starts.

I had a cup of all-bran with a cup of 2% milk for breakfast before I started my travels.

I also bought some fitness magazines (for the first time ever in my life) to read, and hopefully give me some good ideas while in Maui.

I am really hoping to return from this trip FINALLY under 140. I am going to work really hard at it!

I think that being able to stay connected will help me stay focused to my goal.

I am looking forward to that FRESH Hawaiian seafood, but also know not to get in slathered in butter! ;) SUSHI!!!!

I also can't wait to go grocery shopping and stock up on fresh fruits & other healthy stuff.

I will keep things updated. Wish me luck!!! :)


Aloha! I made it to Maui!

HOLY COW!!! That was a LONG flight! We landed at what felt like 7 PM to me, but that is only 2 PM local time. I am all checked in to the condo, and I am paid the insane "high-speed Internet access fee." ($40.00 for a week!?) My goodness!

Thing are going great so far. I was thinking about being "brave" and walking up the street to find some eats. I need to have supper yet. My calorie total today is 1130 so far.

I really feel like I got a workout lugging my luggage. Uffda! What a load! I think I had like 70 pounds of laptop, bags, and carry-on that I had to carry myself.

When Aaron dropped me off in Madison this morning, He wanted to help me carry the bags. But I was like... I am going to have to carry them myself later... so it is all good.

I need to contact my co-workers about the meeting at 8:30. The person running it isn't even ON THIS ISLAND yet. (but she is in Hawaii) Let's hope things go well so we can start the Go-Live tomorrow!

I think I am gonna take the upper floor because there is more floor space for YOGA. I think Tim, my roommate for the next two weeks is cool with that.

He is currently at the beach. I could go too. It is only 4:35 PM local time (9:35 PM @ home)

I called Aaron to let him know that I am alright :) I miss him so much it hurts. This will be the longest that we have ever been apart. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I think it just makes me feel more and more lonely for my hubbie.

I think I will get the mat out and do some Yoga to get over sitting for 9+ hours on a bouncy plane.

I have a scale with and my weight loss journal and a heart full of good intentions. Let's see if I can conquer my weight loss demons here on Maui! :-)