Sunday, April 2, 2006

In O'Hare!

Today I woke up at 3:30 (with the time change too, ew) and weighed myself. I was 144.50 at what felt like 2:30 AM my body. I figure I must be just fine! :)

Right now, I am in between flights here at O'Hare Airport!

Things are off to a good start! I got my snacks packed and lots of water with. I am feeling pretty good about things today!

In my survival bag I have:
I have 2 green apples (120 calories each)
6 liters of bottled water (Minus 2 now) (0 calories)
2 peanut butter and honey on whole wheat sandwiches (350 each)
and two kinds of granola bars. (130 - 140 calories each)

I plan to have some Orange Juice and Yogurt before we head out. Our Flight starts boarding at 9:20 local time, and leaves at 10 AM. It is about an hour before boarding starts.

I had a cup of all-bran with a cup of 2% milk for breakfast before I started my travels.

I also bought some fitness magazines (for the first time ever in my life) to read, and hopefully give me some good ideas while in Maui.

I am really hoping to return from this trip FINALLY under 140. I am going to work really hard at it!

I think that being able to stay connected will help me stay focused to my goal.

I am looking forward to that FRESH Hawaiian seafood, but also know not to get in slathered in butter! ;) SUSHI!!!!

I also can't wait to go grocery shopping and stock up on fresh fruits & other healthy stuff.

I will keep things updated. Wish me luck!!! :)


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