Wednesday, April 5, 2006

So far, So good

On Monday I was supporting the Go-Live from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM… and that isn’t even counting the 30-40 minute travel time (each way) between the clinic and the condo! What a long day!!! When I got in I was beat, and hungry!!! I pretty much ate and collapsed last night and did not get to write anything. But I got off by 5:30 tonight, and I’m back!

There is still sun light out and I was thinking about heading over to the beach… but I am such a chicken. I don’t want to go alone to the beach… maybe I will brave the pool by myself.

I need to get out of my work clothes, and do something active tonight. I might walk to a near by restaurant for dinner, but the food there will nullify any good the walking did I am sure! I bought a lot of food so I should just make supper! ;) but I gotta do something healthy first! I KNOW! I will do the yoga DVD I brought with!

Although the scale I brought with is not as accurate as the physician’s balance scale I have at home, it looked like my weight was in between 143 & 144 this morning. So far so good! I have 10 more days to go though. Ugh.

And the Word is in from the locals: When on Maui, get Sushi at Sansei’s in Kehei. It is best to go on Thursday - Saturday nights after 10 pm, because sushi is HALF PRICE then. (+Karaoke)

Yippie! We also had bento lunches today on site! I had unagi bento. Bento is a Japanese boxed lunch with little sections to keep all the foods separate, and Unagi means eel. The eel was AWESOME. It was cooked and covered in an addictive sauce, served on a bed of white rice. I slow ate the unagi with chop sticks and only ate the bit of rice with the sauce on it. I threw out the other cup and a half of white rice in the bento. I did not want to blow my calories today on plan white rice, Yah?

I better get going on that Yoga so I can then get going on supper!
Hopefully things will be less hectic so I can start blogging daily again!


*DROOLS* I had a “Sunset Sushi” which I believe was some yellow fin and tuna wrapped around a small ball of rice topped with salmon eggs and a quail egg. It was incredible. I also had some sashimi of more tuna, and some octopus! It was divine!

I was also able to convince 7 other co-workers to split some deep fried banana cheesecake, and some tempura fried macadamia nut ice cream! ROCK ON!!!! I as able to try a bite of each of these crazy concoctions! Then pass it on to 7 other curious mouths.

Mmm!!! It was sushi-riffic and we plan to go back on Saturday night to get half priced sushi and sing KARAOKE!!!!!!! YIPPEE! :)

We are gonna go walk along the ocean now. Get some exercise, and enjoy the island while I can ;)



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