Friday, April 7, 2006

Got Sick. Got Period.

Aw man! I got a cold. :-( I am not sure if it is just like “hay-fever” from all the flowers here, or if I caught something on the plane that had a 4 day incubation period… Whatever it was, I am sick. My sinuses hurt, my nose constantly running. And now the dripping down the back has caused a sore throat and I feel it creeping into my lungs as well. I feel miserable… and then if that wasn’t enough. My period also started!

The ladies here at Wailuku Clinic are so nice! I was shivering from my cold, and the insane A/C, so they found me a ridiculous long sleeved jacket-like thing from the lab. It was a weird liquid proof fabric to protect them from the blood and urine samples they work with. After a few more hours, and not much help from a couple Over-The-Counter drug purchases, they encouraged me to just go home… So I went up stairs to see if I could get a ride back to the condo. When I entered the “war room” they were like: “Why are you wearing that?!” I said, “I am sick.” The next thing I new a nice doctor was leading me back to her office to rest on her couch for a while. I dozed for about an hour.

At three I got up and went back down stairs to work again. It was really easy for the ladies here really seem to have the hang of our software! So work isn’t really that hard at this point. Sounds like I will be supporting the Kehei Clinic tomorrow instead of my original assignment. Makes sense since I am with in walking distance of that clinic and have no car! I have already walked farther than the clinic just for exercise the other day, so I have said I am cool with that schedule. I think that the clinic is only open 8 AM to noon too! Sweet!

Last night when I got off from work, I went straight home, and crawled into bed. I was asleep by 8 PM and slept solid until 6:15 this morning.

With this cold I can’t be that active, so I am really trying to keep my calories in check. (Around 1700 to 1900 a day) My weight still looks like it is right around the 145 mark, and I am super periody puffy. I think I should get a good nights sleep again tonight, and I will walk to the Kehei Clinic tomorrow for work. I still need to confirm that, but it is all good!


Today I learned about, and got to taste a yummy new dish called “pan sushi.”

It takes all the stuff you would put in sushi, but layers it in a glass casserole pan. It looks beautiful and tastes "Oishi!"

I think this is how it is done:
Make 4 cups of sushi rice as directed. Season with rice vinegar. Press seasoned rice in an even layer in a 10x15 glass pan.

Next, Layer with your favorite sushi toppings, like:

• Crab salad & Cucumber
• Baby Shrimp & Cream Cheese
• Avocado & Salmon Salad
• Etc…

Once all desired layers are over the rice, cover and chill, cut into squares, and serve with strips of nori! (The nori is used like a chip to pick up the sushi squares, like a dip.) It is so good!!! I can’t wait to try and make it at home! :)

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