Saturday, April 8, 2006

One more week..

God I miss my husband!!!! This is the longest we have ever been apart. I miss him with every fiber of my being. I call him and e-mail him daily, but I miss the feeling of being held in his arms. I miss falling asleep with my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. *SIGH!*

As a special treat for my return I am getting my hair done today. I can't give any details because I want it to be a surprise to Aaron. He knows that I am doing "something" to my hair, just not what exactly. It will be like a "new woman" getting off the plane! ;)

Last night my roommate wanted to go out to eat again. He wanted a Steak. I wanted to stay in and rest some more to get over this stupid cold. I also wanted to eat the healthy groceries that I bought.

He thought I was insane for not wanting to go out each night. Since this is a business trip all of our expenses are reimbursed. So why not dine out at the big-ticket restaurants on the company's dime?

Well, I think that eating out at fancy places each night is disrespectful. I want to be smart with our company's money, and blowing $30 bucks on one meal just seems wasteful!

I also know the price that dining out each night takes on the waist. After nearly a week in Hawaii, my weight is still hovering around the same 144/145 mark. (YEA!!!!!!!) I really think that I can come back from this trip the same weight, or less that I left!! So far so good, yeah?

I keep feeling pressured to "cut-loose" though. It is like everyone is the little devil on my shoulder.

"Everything is paid for, Splurge a little!"
"Don't worry about Calories, you are in Hawaii!"
"Just relax and enjoy."

But I can not relax. I can enjoy things, but seriously, if I let my guard down, I could really pack on the pounds!

I do not want to fail this time. I want to make it to the 14th a success!!! I want to make it back to Aaron a winner! ;)

If I weight 145 or less on Easter Morning. I will be a success! :) I know I can do this!!! :-)

One week to go!


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