Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tracking Calories on Google!

I have added a new widget to my iGoogle to track my calories.  It is super sweet, because I don't have to log-in to the calorie tracking site, it just is all done right there on my iGoogle dashboard.

There are many calorie tracking widgets to chose from, but considering how often I am ON Google (It's my start-up homepage - Hello!!)  It's a constant reminder every time I open my browser or look something up: "Hey Jess!!! Count your calories!!"

It's fairly slick!  :)   So  if you spend a lot of your day googling...  think about using a customized iGoogle with a calorie tracking widget! 

This link with take you to the page to add the same widget I am using to your igoogle.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jobless Husband = Banner

I hate spammy sites full of ads targetting the obese and over-weight with bogus products and vowed I would  never have ads on my site! 

Well now I have added a banner add to buy Amazon Gift cards on the sidebar, and I am feeling a bit guilty.   

I know the add isn't preditory, animated and obnoxious, but I still feel I went back on my word.

Since Aaron is still unemployeed I thought I would try monitizing this site to see if it would be enough for him to stay home and be my Mr. Mom!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You know I am a geek, right?

I am a very nerdy girl.  I met my husband at a Vampire the Masquerade LARP for crying out loud!!!

This weekend -- at an AWESOME gaming event at Mercer College -- I said that Aaron and I will be married 10 years this Summer.  

This prompted the men at my table to ask if I got married when I was 14.  

I joked, "Maybe that's how you guys do things here in the South, but I was 22 when I got married!"

They then did the (simple) math in their heads to pronounce me 32.  

Yep.  I am 32 now, and boy is my biological clock ticking LOUDLY!!!!

I am thrilled at the thought of motherhood, but also dead scared of the weight gain... and if I will be able to ever get back in shape?

So... my blog maybe heading towards a healthy pregnancy / losing the baby weight blog in the next year or so.

Aaron is still looking for work.  He's had one interview so far and I hope he finds something awesome soon.  In the meantime I spoil him because he spoils me by doing all the housework.  :)

I have thought about him just being a stay at home dad... but why did we spend all those years in college if he was just going to stay home all day?!

I mean who would want their kids spending all day with their well-educated, loving, biological father!?!?!  ;)

Actually, having a smart, caring, daddy stay home all day while I win the proverbial "bread" sounds GREAT!

How much is Day Care anyway?

This is something to research more....

I hope you are all doing well!!!!