Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jobless Husband = Banner

I hate spammy sites full of ads targetting the obese and over-weight with bogus products and vowed I would  never have ads on my site! 

Well now I have added a banner add to buy Amazon Gift cards on the sidebar, and I am feeling a bit guilty.   

I know the add isn't preditory, animated and obnoxious, but I still feel I went back on my word.

Since Aaron is still unemployeed I thought I would try monitizing this site to see if it would be enough for him to stay home and be my Mr. Mom!


Carla said...

Don't feel guilty!! I say put a few more up so you, Mr. Mom, and the future little ones can live comfortably and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Also, this ad is harmless, its not a sell scam preying on people who feel desparate. Its fine.