Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Job... Again

I have changed jobs again.   My year as a Manager at Baylor College of Medicine was just not the right fit.   

I am now a Consultant and it feels like I am myself again.   When I was a manager I kept thinking "fake it until you make it"  but it never felt like I was making it.   It was always fake.

When you are not being true to yourself -- it takes a toll.   

When I change to this job - it was like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. 

The manager at the place where I am working gave his team a talk about embracing your strengths. Too often people look at what they suck at, and not on what they are GOOD at.

If you are naturally a "6" at something, and could be a "8" or a "9" with focus -- that is way better than trying like hell to make your level 2 skill get to a 3...   You try like hell but you are still are below average!!!

And that is OK.

You are NOT going to be able to do everything perfectly.  HELL, there are somethings  won't even be able to pull off half-assed.

By putting your limited energy into something that will suck you dry -- is just a horrible waste all around.

Focus your attention away from what you lack -- and look at things you can control -- things you are good at!!!  You need to do what you are good at and get really good at what you do...  BE YOU and embrace that strength.

Where is your passion?   What are your gifts?   Focus on those and be happier, happier will lead to healthier.    YOU GOT THIS!

Here's how much my kids have grown!
How can he already be one?!?!?!

Little Miss Attitude

The Ring Leader

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are you Losing Weight?

Today someone asked me if I was losing weight?

It was like a ray of warm sunshine after a long cold winter.

My weight this morning was 268.00.  I have lost about 2 pounds a week and things are going great.

I am eating lots of plants, and need to cut out fried food again.   The hardest part for me is getting over my cheap-ass ways.

Health Food isn't going to be found on the Dollar Menu.  I need to learn how to pack a health lunch... There are tons of websites about that but doing it seems like a Herculean Task!

Maybe this FOOD NETWORK Apple, Pecan and Blue Cheese Salad?

Eating more Vegetables is what I am going to work on this week!

Eat More Veggies

Veggies are so good, and good for you! There is no real reason not to eat them!!! You are an adult and you have the power to eat what you like. Gone are the childhood days of over-cooked mushy canned peas. Free yourself from those traumatic veggie memories of yore, and start thinking about the good ones!

Remember how good those onions and peppers are on your Fajitas? How about the broccoli, pea pods, and baby corn in your favorite Chinese dish? Mmm! Those are the kind of veggies you should think of!! (Not just "rabbit food.")

Here are some tips to start getting more green into your diet:

  • Add lots of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, to your veggie burgers and subs.
  • Make vegetable laden casseroles or chili.
  • Add corn and/or diced tomatoes to your taco filling.
  • Order a veggie pizza instead of a meat one.
  • Order a spicy vegetable dish from the local Chinese/Thai/Indian restaurant.
  • Always go for a garden salad, instead of a creamy soup.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Biggest Loser Contest at Work

A group at my work is doing a "Biggest Loser" contest, were everyone contributes $40 to sign up.

I know I have it in me to lose weight because I have done it before - but after 3 kids in less than 4 years, and totally abandoning a healthy lifestyle; I am right back to nearly my previous start weight.

I weighted in at 272.6 today.  I was nearly 300 pounds when I started my weight loss last time.

I know what  I need to do, but worry how I can do it with three tiny tots underfoot?

My kids view salad as the leaves you lick Ranch dressing off of.

I worry about getting them setup as healthy eaters, since I have totally gone off the rails.

This week My Goal is to Drink More Water.

Drink Lots of Water Every Day!

Most people do not get enough water.

Water is vital for the function of the kidneys that purify the blood. When the body does not get enough water some of the load is shifted to the liver.

The liver's main function is to metabolize the body's fat for energy. If it is busy doing the kidney's job, you are not burning off fat! (Not to mention all the other benefits of a well hydrated body!)

Some recommend drinking 8 glasses of water each day, but that is the amount of water it takes for a sedentary 128 pounds person to stay hydrated. If you are bigger or more active, you will need more water to take care of your body's needs. (Makes sense to me!)

An easy way to figure out the minimum amount of water you need is to divided your weight (in pounds) by 2 and drink that many ounces of water daily. Example: A 200 pound person would need a minimum of 100 ounces of water to stay hydrated daily.


When I was doing my best at weight loss.  I drank a gallon of water daily at Work.