Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weekend wasn't too bad

I was 144.00 this morning. I "gained" 1.25 over the hoilday weekend.

Actually, I puffed up to 145 on Sunday (You know, like "Ow! My ring won't come off my sausage-like finger.") and I was back down to 144 today!

Even with this weekend's slight gain, I've still lost 2.25 pounds since May 1st! (136.00 over all!)

I was hoping to lose over 6 pounds this month, but that loss is far too aggressive for me. I am happy with my -2 pounds!

My true goal isn't to reach a "magic number" for my weight. It is just to get as healthy as I can! I know that I still have a way to go, since my belly, although much smaller, is still in two sections. (Curse you perma-roll!!!)

I should reach the 130's before the end of the summer.

It hasn't even been 2 weeks since I gave blood, and my period is due to start again soon. Good thing I take my daily vitamin! I'm STILL a Flintstone's Kid, 10 Million Strong!!! (And Growing!)

For exercise I walked just over a mile at lunch today. :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Can I make it through a 3-Day Weekend ?!

I was 142.75 this morning! Yea! Yesterday was a rest day for me and I had 1810 calories.

I hope that I can make it to Tuesday this weight or less. I am a bit nervous because I have a graduation party to go to today. I will do my best around all that party food and cake! Luckily, Aaron will be there with me for support!

Aaron and I have Double Tai Chi today for exercise! :) (Two classes back-to-back) Our Class starts pretty soon, so I better get going! :)



Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keeping Up the Good Work!!

I did Yoga again this morning! I am able to most of it without the block, except for a few poses to the left. My left side just isn’t as bendy as the right.

I was 143.25 this morning, that is a quarter pound less than I was last Friday morning!

Tomorrow will be one week since the donation.

I took a lap around the block at lunch and got rained on a bit!

Yesterday my Calories were 1700 on the dot.

I ate the following:

160 - Quaker Oatmeal – Blueberry, Take Heart

80 - Half a cup All-Bran cereal

110 - Banana Cream Yoplait Light Yogurt

70 - 3 slices Chicken Breast Lunchmeat

140 - 2 Slices of whole wheat Bread

20 - Mustard and Lettuce

140 - South Beach Diet Chocolate Flavored Cereal Bar

450 - Half a Thin Crust California Pizza Kitchen Pizza

280 - 50g of Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with whole Hazelnuts

130 - Peanut Butter Kudos Bar

120 - 1 Turkey dog with hot sauce



I hope to eat about the same number of calories today.



Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Still Recovering from the Blood Donation.

My weight was 144.00 this morning. I am doing a good job of holding steady after the blood donation last Friday!

I know that things will be slow for awhile. It is so frustrating now, since I have my goal reward picked out!! I will get there soon enough and Ai Yori Aoshi will be mine!!

Today is a rest day for activity , and I've ate 1450 calories so far today. :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Delayed but not Done-for

I weighed myself about an hour earlier than usual this morning. I was 144.50. That is the same weight I was the day before my blood donation... So I think I am doing okay. :)

For my activity I walked just over 5 miles today, and I cut my calories back to 1800.


Last night we went shopping and I wanted to get a "snack bar," you know, like "Kudos." So I was comparing the nutritional facts of all the brands, and was embarrassed to discover that the cereal bar with the best Nutritional Facts for over all (High in Fiber & Protein yet low in calories.) were Kraft's South Beach Diet high protein cereal bars! *GASP!!!*

Now, I have never followed any kind of "diet." And especially not ones where you'd have to eat only certain foods at certain times... or buy their food! But it turns out the SBD bars were what I was looking for. They are made mostly from Soy, and taste like Peanut Butter, or chocolate ice crispy treats to me! Yum! (140 calories, 10 grams of Protein & 3 grams of Fiber!)

I just eat the healthiest I can! :) Turns out these bars are apart of my balanced diet!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Getting back on it!

I was curious when I could resume my usual routine after donating blood. Looks like the "turn-around" time is shorter than I though! :)

This morning I tried doing Yoga, and had no problems! :-) I am still keeping my calories around the 2000 calorie point so by body can have all the fuel it needs to make new blood.

It is nice being active again! :)

My weight was 143.75 this morning. I was puffy from pizza we had yesterday. I hope that tomorrow I will still be around that weight. I feel really good! :)

I think for reaching 140 my reward will be the Anime "Ai Yori Aoshi." (Literally: "Bluer than Indigo" but a pun in Japanese to also mean "True Blue Love.") :-) It is just my kinda of series!!!

Guy and a Girl love each other but through really bizarre circumstances they have to keep it a secret, then lots of other chicks show up, and it get's funny! Ahh Romantic comedies! :-)

I must be a sap because the first few episodes made me cry. They are so super sweet!!! Aoi (Ah-oh-ee) The Girl, Loves Kaoru (Cow-roo) The Boy. They were betrothed to one another as children, but as a teen he renounced his abusive family. Therefore their marriage is never to be. Aoi loves him completely, and vows to leave her family too so they can be together.... But then others get involved and things just start spiraling out of control from there. I JUST LOVE IT!!! :-)

I can't wait to see more!

Oh in case you were wondering, we rented the first DVD in the series this weekend. That is how I know I reeeeeealy gonna love it! I can't wait to see more! MUST REACH 140!!! :)


Friday, May 19, 2006

Trying to keep it together!

The blood donation went really well! :-) I feel great! I hope that my weight loss will not be too effected by it.

I ate about 2300 calories today. My body went through enough stress having a pint of blood removed, I didn't think cutting calories would help. For activity today I walked a mile before the donation.

I was 143.50 this morning. I hope to maintain this weight while I recover.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Giving Blood Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow I will give blood. I think this will be my 30th donation to the Red Cross. I know this will really effect my ability to workout and lose weight, but being able to help save a life is more important to me. :)

I was 144.50 this morning but I was weight myself earlier than usual... so I figure I am still the same puffed up self. :-)

My husband said that he can feel my body tightening. So even if the scales are not moving, my body is getting more toned! :) Yeah weight lifting! :)


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2 pounds lost so far this month...

I have lost 2 pounds so far this month. I was hoping to lose 6.50 pounds this month. I have a lot of ground to cover before the end of the month, if I want to reach that goal! But, I'll be happy with any net loss! ;)

Over the past 30 days I have lost an average of a quarter pound each day! If I can keep it up, I should reach my 140 goal in early June, if not before then!!

Today I did two laps around the block, and biked for 45 calories while watching T.V. ;)

I am trying to decide what reward I want when I reach 140... part of me wants a bigger memory card for my digital camera... but what's the point? I don't really need that much space right now for what I use it for!

Things have been slow recently, but I have come so far. I'll eventually reach my goals, and I will continue to try to be as healthy as possible! :-)

See how far I have come?! :-)

June 2004 Jess FaceMay 2006 Jess Face

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Getting it Together!

Last night my husband made supper! It was yummy, but very high in sodium. I was worried with all that salt the Mother's Day Brunch Bloat wouldn't go away. I was still pretty puffy this morning, but I was back down to 144.25. I know it will over this soon. :)

I biked really hard last night, and I walked today! :) I like to de-stress at work by doing a quick lap around the block. It helps keeps me sane!

I hope to keep my calories between 1700 & 1900 tongiht and I might ride the bike again... Time will tell!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Had to Turn on Comment Moderation

Recently I have been getting "comments" on my blog that weren’t actually comments. They were really just links to "herbal weight loss products." I have been removing/editing them, but it is starting to upset me.

If you know my story, you know that I've lost all of my weight naturally. No gimmicks, No pills, no surgery... I just count my calories and try to be active! I've NEVER used any of that stuff and it kinda irks me that someone would link to it from my site.

Now, I have no control over the ads that appear on the top of this site, (or even worse that pop-up) because it is hosted for "free" by Lycos/Tripod. One day I would love to move my site to a new location that is ad-free… but I don’t have the money for that, so this site fits me and my budget just fine for now!

Yesterday we went out for a mother’s day buffet. I did really well with my one trip through the line. Lots of Fresh Fruit, a Salad with cucumbers and tomato (I skipped the questionable dressing) Scrambled eggs, half a piece of French toast and some hash browns that turned out to be super salty.

I was puffed up to 145.25 this morning, but I’ll do my best to get over this weight loss hiccup!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fun Night Out?

I was still 142.75 this morning! Yea! Things are going great! Aaron and I had double Tai Chi this morning. (Two whole classes in a row!) It is so much fun, and is a surprisingly good workout too!

Right from Tai Chi we went to My hubbie's family's home to celebrate Mother's Day a day early. :-) We had lots of fun with the whole family and had lunch at the local Chinese place. :)

Tonight I hope to go to karaoke with my sister! But, she has not called me back yet! (boo-hoo!) Maybe I should call my mom to see if she knows where Becky is and what her plans are!

If Becky is not going to be there... then Aaron and I can go out to a closer karaoke place, or even just stay in and play some Karaoke Revolution at home. ;-) Okay Aaron does not sing. But likes to hear me sing. :) I better get ready for a night out, one way our another. (i'm gonna get-cha get-cha get-cha get-cha..)

Friday, May 12, 2006

It's Finally Friday! :-)

Woo hoo! I am finally starting to feel back in the swing of things! :-) I was 142.75 this morning. Bye-bye period puff!

I did a good workout tonight, and my calories are looking great! :-) I have a really good feeling about tomorrow... but I could be totally wrong! ;)

For supper tonight I had half a frozen thin crust garlic chicken pizza. It was super yummy, but also super salty. I'm not gonna worry about sodium though. If I puff up, so what! It's just a temporary thing anyway!

I am so excited! :-) Yea!!! It is the WEEKEND!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Feeling Burnt Out

I have a stress headache that is not going away. *SIGH* I think I will just call it a day and go to bed right now.

No exercise today. Daily Calories - 1790

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There's a Light at the end of the Tunnel!!!

I thought for sure my weight would be up after the super salty supper I had last night, but I am still holding steady at 144.25! I know that I will be having a happy day tomorrow when I get on the scale as my period draws to an end and this puffiness goes away.

I was able to do a good cardio workout after I got my butt on the bike last night. I was just so wiped out, but once I started going and got sweating, it got much easier! :)

Today I had 1900 calories and walked 2 miles as my activity! :-)


Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I'm too tired...

I feel so wiped out at drained. I don't want to workout, but I will. I know that once I get going it will get better. I will just do the "warm up" program and if I feel better after that, I'll do a full workout. I better get started!


Monday, May 8, 2006

Puffed up with period :-P

Darn! Just when things were getting back on track to reach 140 by the end of the month, my weight spikes up with the start of my period! *Boo-hoo!*

I was 144.25 this morning. I know that it is just hormonal bloat though, and it should go away quickly! Yippee! I will just have to wait until then!

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Finally Relaxed!!!!!!!!!!

I have been stressed out for a long time. Since before April I was stressing about the Hawaii Trip, and then I was on the trip, I was stressing about being away from home! Once I got home, I got stressed about getting caught up at work, and about the weight I gained while in Hawaii!

Well things are finally starting to settle down and get back to "normal." Or at least to a level that I can peacefully live with! :)

Last night I had one of the best night's sleep I have had in a LONG time. I woke up all refreshed and nestled protectively in my husband's arms! *SIGH* What a great way to start to the day!

I was 142.75 this morning! Yippie! Less than 3 pounds to go to reach 140.00! I hope to do it before the end of the month! :-)

I need to do something active... It is really nice out, maybe I will go for a walk! :-)



Wednesday, May 3, 2006

I miss my breasts

Last night I got a new bra. It's usually exciting to get new clothes as you lose weight... but getting a new bra always make me feel a bit sad.

I used to be a 48DDD back when I was obese, but now I am a 36C. Being a 36C should feel nice and normal, but after having bigger boobs I feel really flat. *SIGH* I just had to get that off my chest!!! ;)

I ate 1710 calories today and did program three on my Bike (30 minutes for "60 calories") for an activity. I plan on doing a few reps and sit-ups later tonight! :)

I better get going on that! :-)



160 Instant Oatmeal

30 Adora - Milk Chocolate Calcium Supplement

140 Banana

110 1 c. Orange Juice

170 Banana Cream Yogurt

80 1/2 c. All-Bran

140 Banana

140 2 Slices Whole Wheat Bread

10 Lettuce

10 Mustard

90 7 Slices of Budding Turkey

110 2 Egg Whites & 1 Whole Egg Scrambled

110 1 Tortilla

220 1/2 cup Shredded Cheddar Chesse

30 Salsa

130 Peanut Butter Kudos Bar

30 Adora - Milk Chocolate Calcium Supplement



p.s. I love Adora, and shamelessly plug them for free!!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Poof goes the Puff!

The Weekend's puff has disappeared! I was down to 144.25 this morning!!

Today was one of my coworker's last day with our team. (She is moving to another department!) So to send her off, we took her out to a Thai restaurant for lunch!!

I order some unpronounceable noodle dish and asked for it to be as hot has possible. Again, I didn't feel like the dish was that hot... so I asked my co-workers to try some and see if they though it was hot...

After guzzling down most of their water they said, yes it was hot, and that I must be crazy! ;)

What can I say? I like spicy!

Hopefully there wasn't too much sodium in the Thai noodles, and my weight will hold steady! :-) (or continue to head towards 140!!!) My period should be starting any time now... I hope that won't muck up my weight loss too much!

Today was a "rest" day for my activity.
I like to give my body time to build new muscles a couple days each week!!! Yeah!! :-)

I estimated the lunch out to be about 600 calories... so my total calories for today were around 1740.



Monday, May 1, 2006

April Statistics

April was a rocky month for weight loss. Between my period, and a business trip to Maui, I had gained 9.5 pounds by Easter (April 16th)!! But, I got home and got it back together.

I've lost -5.75 since April 16th! I still have 3.75 pounds left to lose before I am back to my "pre-April" weight, but I am feeling good about how I am doing now!

I was 146.25 this morning after a disasterous weekend. Things got a little crazy on Saturday. I just didn't feel satisfied after eating... so I kept eating. It was textbook awful binge. I was craving something "bad," so I ate something "good" instead of the bad thing, but then later I crumbled and ate the "bad" thing anyway! CURSE YOU PMS!!! Hopefully my hormones will be back to normal within a week. Fun, fun, fun.

Luckily the weight I gained this weekend is mostly "puff" and it should go away quickly! :-)

Tonight I biked for 40 minutes, lifted weights, and did sit-ups! :)