Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fun Night Out?

I was still 142.75 this morning! Yea! Things are going great! Aaron and I had double Tai Chi this morning. (Two whole classes in a row!) It is so much fun, and is a surprisingly good workout too!

Right from Tai Chi we went to My hubbie's family's home to celebrate Mother's Day a day early. :-) We had lots of fun with the whole family and had lunch at the local Chinese place. :)

Tonight I hope to go to karaoke with my sister! But, she has not called me back yet! (boo-hoo!) Maybe I should call my mom to see if she knows where Becky is and what her plans are!

If Becky is not going to be there... then Aaron and I can go out to a closer karaoke place, or even just stay in and play some Karaoke Revolution at home. ;-) Okay Aaron does not sing. But likes to hear me sing. :) I better get ready for a night out, one way our another. (i'm gonna get-cha get-cha get-cha get-cha..)

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