Wednesday, January 28, 2009

But I’m Sick!

I am just getting over a cold. I was really sick over the weekend and spent all day in bed Sunday.
“But I’m sick!” was always a great excuse to avoid exercise. Now my motto is if I am well enough to go to work - I am well enough to work out!

So what if my nose is stuffy? My legs still work!

This Friday I fly down to Texas for work and “Aunt Flo” is due to join me. :-6

Even though it will be “that time of the month” and I will be stuck eating out for every meal for a week, I am not worried about my weight spiking.

Everything is bigger in Texas, but I am not going to be one of them.

I can do this!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tweaked My Code and January Check-In

As you may have noticed, I tweaked the layout of my blog over the weekend!

I really like the horizontal navigation bar I added to the top of the page.
It should make it much easier to get around my site!!!!

Health Update!

I have been consistently working out, 5 times a week on my elliptical trainer. (Mondays and Fridays are my rest days.) I also have been keeping tight track on my calories.

So far this January I have lost 3 pounds! :) Yea!!!

How is your January going?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Knowing is Never Enough

I used to use food as my panacea.

Anger, stress, grief, boredom, loneliness… I filled up the holes in my soul with food. I lived in a world where chocolate “cured” everything.

Eating gave me the sensation of satisfaction that I was lacking elsewhere in my life - even though it was temporary…

It took me years to realize that my troubles can’t be fixed with food, and even longer to stop rushing to the fridge when ever life got tough.

There are many “non-food” alternatives to cure moods, it is just so hard to get yourself to do them when you have been “programmed” to eat! You see, our brains are “WIRED” to act in certain ways. This is your gut reaction. It is what you have always done before. We are creatures of habit.

We all KNOW we should eat better and exercise. You can KNOW every weight loss tip in the world, but they are all useless until you actually DO them! Knowing you need to change is not enough by itself!

You learn by doing, not by knowing. You need to preform a new habit over and over again before you really “get it.” I have heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but it can take even longer if you are trying to correct (unlearn) a bad habit you have had for the last 20+ years.

Along the way you might slip-up and "regress" to your old ways, but this does not mean you are a failure. You are still learning. Would you be mad at a baby trying to take her first steps but then falls? Of course not!

Be forgiving to yourself like you would to a little baby doing her best. Nurture your new lifestyle and soon you won't have to "suffer through it." It will become your everyday routine!

You must really commit to the change, and do it consistently if you truly want to change! You need to DO it, not just KNOW it. Knowing is never enough.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting over your "X"

I hear from so many people who are desperate to lose weight - but "just can't" because of "X."

"X" can be many things - bad back, bad knees (been there, done that) or "fat genes."

"X" could also be lack of support.

It is hard enough to live a healthy life, but to have everyone around saying, "You are fine the way you are, why bother?" makes getting healthy seem even more impossible!

"X" is that seemingly immovable boulder that blocks you from getting where you want to go.

Do you have an "X"? Maybe you have a few "X's" that hold you back from your weight loss success.

So how do you get over your "X"?

Here are the steps that really help you really think about your weight loss goals and how you will achieve them. :)

First - Make a list of the things that are "holding you back."

Get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and write down your "X's". You really need to write them with your own hand in order for this to work best.

Your "X's" should come to mind instantly, like:

  • I can't say 'no' to mom's cooking

  • I have fat genes

  • I have bad knees

  • I can't afford a gym membership

  • I can't give up my junk food

  • I don't have the support I need

  • I can't stick with a diet


Second - Sort your X's

Are there any "X's" that you truly just can't deal with? Go ahead and cross them out, leaving only the ones are you are willing to work at to make your life healthier! If you are unable to deal with an "X" because of your current living or financial situation - do not cross it off. If you will be able to deal with your "X"at any point in the future - leave it on your list!

Third - Making goals out of your "X's"

I am not sure what your list looks like at this point, but by now you know the things that are holding you back from a healthier life. You also know what you are willing to change in order to reach that ultimate goal of a healthy you! Think about how you can overcome these "X's" and turn those plans into goals!


  • When at my mom's I will focus on my family and not the food. I can still eat her cooking, but I will not overeat or take seconds. (No matter how hard she tries.)

  • Even though I have a genetic predisposition to store fat, I can still be the healthiest I can be with this body. I will not let my "fat genes" keep me in fat jeans!

  • I can learn activities that do not aggravate my knees or back. I will use the Internet to find exercises I can try, and bookmark or print out the ones that work for me.

  • I do not need to be in a gym in order to exercise. I can be active at home, or walking around my neighborhood. I will make an effort to find time when I can be active at home.

  • I will limit my junk food and count the calories so I do not gain weight.

  • I will find support on the Internet, at my church or workplace. I will find someone who will support and encourage me to be successful!

  • I do not need to "diet." I just need to eat better. I will use a food journal to track my meals.

Fourth - Plan your milestones and rewards

In order to stick with your new goals you need to have a "dangling carrot" to help lure yourself around that boulder!

Just like the story of "The Little Engine That Could" you must believe that you can do it in order to accomplish your goals!

"I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can!"

Keep track of your progress and reward yourself at set intervals. You need to reward yourself enough to stick with your healthy lifestyle, even though you will not notice the physical results until much later! You can do it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Now that the Novocain has worn off...

Over lunch today I had some oral surgery. Now that the Novocain is wearing off I am cursing myself for not reading the post-op paper that said "Take your pain med before it wears off."


To make it even more fun my body suprised me with a "Diva Day" 2 days early! (Are you kidding me?!?! )

My calories so far today:


Ensure Plus - Creamy Chocolate


Quaker Simple Harvest Multigrain Hot Cereal - Maple brown sugar and pecans.




Cottage Cheese


Cinnamon Apple Sauce

880 total calories before my "soft supper. "

I've done yoga or walked 7 of the last 8 days.

If I can be active 4 more times before Sunday (1/11) my reward will be:

Ouran High School Host Club Season 1, Part 2


I LOVE this series! I own part 01, season one, and all the manga released in English (1 through 11).

It's a romantic comedy set in a uber-posh high school.

Haruhi breaks a vase worth 8 million yen and becomes indebted to the Host Club.
The Host Club then does a "make-over" to turn Haruhi into a posh host as well.
What most of them don't realize is Haruhi is actually a girl! Members of the club figure it out her secret along the way, and some fall for her. But she must keep up the act in order to pay back the debt she owes! It is very cute! Love it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Drink of Success

There are lots of diet shakes, diet teas, and diet juices on the market, but if you really want to drink something that will really help your body get healthier... drink water. Pure and simple.

Water helps you feel full.
Have you ever felt hungry even though you just ate? Many times when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. The signal for thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which leads to eating unnecessary calories! By the time your body sends out a signal that you are "thirsty" you have already starting to dehydrate!!

Water makes your body work.

Water is needed by the body to metabolise fat and flush toxins. To make sure your body is running at it's best, keep your tank "topped off." If you do not have enough water your body cannot lose weight as fast.
So grab a glass and shrink your ass!