Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tweaked My Code and January Check-In

As you may have noticed, I tweaked the layout of my blog over the weekend!

I really like the horizontal navigation bar I added to the top of the page.
It should make it much easier to get around my site!!!!

Health Update!

I have been consistently working out, 5 times a week on my elliptical trainer. (Mondays and Fridays are my rest days.) I also have been keeping tight track on my calories.

So far this January I have lost 3 pounds! :) Yea!!!

How is your January going?


paleballer said...

Keep it up...awesome job

paleballer said...

Awesome Job...Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

My January is going like a rollercoaster--I've been from 188 to 194 within a week; however, the dreaded Time of Month played a roll...and hopefully I'm getting it back together. I really like the new layout, by the way, and congratulations to you! Here's to a successful new year!

Merry Mary said...

I just found your blog and can't wait to read more posts. Your pictures are amazing and super inspiring. :)

Anonymous said...

My January is good, but you can check it out, because i keep track of my weight every single day. Its on , my user name is amy33 :)
Take care and good luck!!