Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby Three Due July 1, 2015

I am 35 weeks pregnant with our third baby!  I have changed jobs.  I'm now the Epic Revenue Cycle IT Manager at Baylor College of Medicine!!!  We are still in Houston, TX.

My Mother In-law will be flying in on June 10th when I reach 37 weeks.

Alexandria is now 3 and a half, and Genevieve will be 18 months on June 12th!



Soon  a new baby BROTHER will join the Scott Family!

We plan to name him Jonathan Joseph.

Alex calls anything tiny "Jon" sized now.  It is very adorable.
She also said that I need to go to the hospital to "HATCH" Jon!!!
She is very impatient for this brother to show up already!

I said I would go to the hospital and he would be BORN... when he is ready.  
It is so cute.

Genny hugs my belly and seems to know what is going on too -- even though she cannot say much other than Da-Da, Ma-Ma,  Num-Num (Food),  Ba-Ba (bottle), Boo (Peek-a-Boo), and "Neng" is (No) 

She also loves to say "WHOA!"  

I really hate living very far away from our families -- and making friends when you have tiny kids is very hard to do, but we are working on it.