Thursday, January 31, 2008

All better!

My picture is no longer being used by the other site!! Yippie! ;)

They also totally redid their style sheets.

Perhaps they wanted to make thier site look different so you wouldn't realize it's "THEM" if you ever go there! ;)

Anyway here are the long promised pictures of our San Francisco trip! :)

Here is a cute picture of me and Aaron in Japantown!

We also went to Grace Cathedral.

The next two pictures were taken by the fountain in the park acrossed from the cathedral.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Look Familiar?

It was recently brought to my attention that another website is using my picture as their banner! (Thank you Anna for pointing this out!!!!)

I was like, "Say What?!" And sure enough, there I was!

Here is a screen capture of the blog with its name removed:

Hmm, does that picture look familiar to anyone else?! It is obviously a smaller version of the picture of me with my virtual models:

Copyright © (2001-2008) My Virtual Model, Inc.

Now don't get me wrong. I **LOVE** being linked too and blogged about, and I am super cool with people using my pictures & posts: "Check out this blog!! This chick lost over 100 pounds naturally!"

But they have made me into the banner of their weight loss site, without even asking if they could use my picture!!!!
They don't even reference me... in fact my picture has been renamed "banner.jpg"

And worst of all... they just had to pick the picture of me in my underwear... Thanks...
That's exactly what I wanted spread around the internet! ;)

At first, I was going to post a link to their site but I didn't want to reward their bad behavior by increasing their web traffic. Plus their website had lots of ads....

I’ve always been really sensitive about predatory ads towards plus sized people. From late-night infomercials promising you "Start living again with [ product ]!!" to text only google ads linking to "The Diet Secrets of the Stars!" I can't stand ads targeted at the over-weight.

I find people willing to make money off my (former) body type loathsome!!! It truly irks me so much!!!

I'm not sure if you have noticed the lack of advertisements on this site, but it is intentional. :)

My original website was hosted by Tripod and since I used their "Free Hosting" package, they covered my page with ads.

I **hated** that everyone that visited my site was subjected to spammy pop-ups, animated banners, and text links. It bothered me so much that I finally moved my whole site here to Blogger where they allow you to turn off the ads!! Yea! :)

Recently I've been battling lots of spammy comments... There are so many people trying to post links to cash in on you! It just boils my blood that people are trying to using my site to funnel spam at you to make money. ARGH!

Luckily the spam should die down once the "New Year's Resolution" rush is over. :)

I’m doing my best to provide you with real weight loss information, and protect you from people trying to make a buck off you!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I look forward to reading your spam-free comments soon. ;)



A Big Thanks to reader Lori, who is a Super Sluth!! Using just the information I gave, she was able to track down the naughty site. She then sent me the contact information of the guy who registered that site. Here is the email I sent him to have my picture removed from the banner!



My name is Jessica Scott.

I am not sure if you know who I am, but I am the woman who's picture was stolen and put as the banner of << The Site >>.

The Network Solutions website listed your contact information as the person who registered the domain so that is why I am writing you.

I was encouraged to seek legal action against you, but I just want my picture taken down.

Please remove my picture from your page imediately.

I have also asked Network Solutions, who host the site, about removing the image as well.

Hopefully things will be resolved soon, and I will not have to take any further measures.

Thank you,

Jessica Scott

My Original Image:

Monday, January 21, 2008

The People's "Half Their Size" issue...

Once again the People Magazine's "Half Their Size" special issue is out. (Just in time for New Year's Resolutions.) Again, I didn't make the cut. :(

It stared at me from every newsstand in the airport. "HALF THEIR SIZE!" I kept thinking, "Me Too! Me Too!"

Aaron tried cheering me up by saying, "You are just too cute to have in a magazine. The other ladies would be embarrassed to be seen next to you." (He's too sweet!)

We had a great trip, and I have worked off most of the weight I gained while out there.
I was doing really well... then I got a cold and just laid on the couch and drank orange juice and ate delivered Chinese. That's no way to get or stay in shape! ;) Well, it will make you a shape. Round is a shape! It's just not a shape I want to be!

I had lots of fun when I wasn't a congested mess though! I got a lot of cool stuff. I got clothes and earings from India, lots of manga and anime, a "P-Chan T-Shirt", Hello Kitty swag... It was quite the "haul."

I'll post some pictures later!



Friday, January 4, 2008

Flying out Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Aaron and I are flying out to San Francisco!

I've only worked 3.5 days since the 21st of December until January 14th... That rules! ;) I need some relaxation!!

This morning I ran on the elliptical trainer for 27 minutes for about 250 calories. It close enough to a half hour of cardio to count! ;)

I was still 162.00 pounds though... My weight has completely flat-lined, but at least it's not going up! :)

I was 166.00 pounds the day before Thanksgiving, so over all, I lost 4 pounds over the holidays!

I hope to finally get things moving again, and get back into the 150’s. :-)

I gained so much weight in 2007 because I was laid-up by injuries & surgery. Even with the weight I gained back in 2007, I still kept over 120 pounds off for over 3 years. That's still pretty impressive.

My knee keeps getting better each day, and I hope to get back to my former level of health in the coming months. :)

But wait... I am going on a week long vacation to San Francisco tomorrow!! ACK! I'll try to be careful, but I won’t be deprived of the local fare! ;)

I'll have to dig up that “How to Stay on Track on Vacation…” travel tips thingy...

Ahh here we are!

Weight Loss Travel Trips

Your trip wouldn't be nearly as fun if you couldn't sample the local cuisine. It's okay to indulge a bit — after all, you'll probably be more active, thanks to all the touring and running around. Still, you don't want to overdo it:

One or two big meals at the local hot spots, and you'll soon eat back all the calories you worked off.

But you can keep the weight off!!!

Here some tips that will help make sure the only bulky souvenirs you bring home are the ones in your suitcase!

1. Be on smart-eating guard at the airport.

Avoid loading up on greasy burgers and fatty muffins before your flight. Pack (or pick up) a sandwich on whole wheat, some nuts, and an orange, and save your splurges for the good stuff, like a buttery croissant at a Paris cafe or creamy lobster bisque on the coast of Maine.

2. Play good food cop, bad food cop.

Once you get there, go ahead, have the fettuccine Alfredo. When I order something decadent, I eat just half of it and then swap plates with my husband, who agrees to order the healthier—yet still tasty—grilled salmon.

3. Pretend you're a food critic.

Nothing tastes as good as the first bite, so approach vacation fare as though you're on a tasting mission. Instead of ordering your own dessert, try a forkful of your friend's cheesecake or a lick of your kid's ice cream cone—and then stop.

4. Cook your own meals.

Studies show that the more frequently you eat out, the more likely you are to gain weight, because restaurants load you up with hidden calories. If possible, book accommodations with a kitchen; it may cost slightly more, but you'll save a bundle by cooking. Aim to prepare all your breakfasts, plus either lunch or dinner each day.

5. Eat.

While you may not expect to find “eat” as a dieting tip, it is essential to any viable weight-loss or weight-maintenance program. While traveling to your destination, you may go for many hours without the opportunity to find food. Not good. Putting your body in this state of deprivation will cause it to conserve rather than burn fat, and it will make you hungry — “famished” is the word you’ll probably use — causing you to overeat as soon as you get the chance. If you will be spending many hours in transit, take along some healthful snacks to keep your body satiated.

6. Keep hydrated.

Low humidity in airplane passenger compartments pulls moisture from your skin, and high temperatures at your destination can cause your body to perspire. Both consequences redirect water that your digestive system needs to function efficiently. Moreover, a stomach that is filled — even with just water — can lessen the sense of hunger and help prevent you from overeating. So drink plenty of water while on your way to your destination and while you are there as well.

7. Walk.

Whenever possible, avoid using trams, moving sidewalks, people movers, escalators, elevators or other mechanical conveyances. Take a hike rather than a drive. Walk to the beach rather than hopping on a shuttle. Try to get in some additional time moving rather than sitting and “vegging out.” You can easily burn a few extra hundred calories a day just by walking!

8. Enjoy yourself.

You’re on vacation. It’s time to unwind and enjoy yourself. Trying to adhere to a strict routine can get in the way of that enjoyment. Instead follow the principle of moderation. Sample smaller portions of a variety of foods, and get out and see the sights.

9. Plan ahead.

Become familiar with the places you might be able to eat at while on the road and once you reach your destination. Scope out your dining options. Skip the hot dog and pizza and look for eateries that serve fruit, soup and sandwiches. Enjoy local fresh specialties. Check out the local farmer’s market for fresh fruit to use as snacks. Have local seafood if traveling to a coastal destination. If you eat carefully at other meals, you get room to "fudge!"

10. Understand the Menu.

Look for “high fat” wording: fried, buttery, au gratin, etouffĂ©, smothered, sautĂ©ed, rich, creamy, and breaded. Ask questions. Don’t assume a dish is healthy because it has chicken and vegetables. Ask about sauces, toppings and methods of preparation. Always choose grilled, and preferably not basted in butter or oil. By choosing grilled instead of fried, you can almost cut the fat and calories of a food item in half.

Stay away from cream sauces or dressings. Choose marinara or other non-oil based sauces to cut down on fat and calories. Also, beware of the breadbasket. The breadbasket always appears when you are hungry and ready to eat. If you can’t refuse the bread, ask the waiter to remove it from the table.

11. Think “outside of the box.”

Just because you always get the #4 doesn’t mean there are no other choices. Take time to look over the menu. Many fast food places have added healthy options for main meals and even offer fruit as a side dish.

12. Watch portion sizes.

Split your entree with a friend. Portion sizes in restaurants are typically far larger than the recommended portion size. By splitting an entree in half, you are keeping yourself from overeating as well as cutting calories (and cost) in half.

13. Be aware of your emotional response.

If you eat more than you plan, be careful not to consider it a catastrophe. This will only set you up for failure. Get right back on track at your very next meal, and try to fit in some extra activity.

14. Plan pleasures other than food or drink.

Incorporate increased physical activity into your summer plans. Think about what you might like to do to stay active. Park further away, and walk when sightseeing.

15. Hold a family meeting ahead of time.

Talk about ways your family can help you to eat less/healthy and be active. I like to think of vacation as a time for "social weight maintenance" -- a time to splurge a little and enjoy the festivities, but without gaining weight.

16. Eat the same sized portions you would at home.

Since portion control is one of the most important elements of weight loss, you should stick with the portions you've become accustomed to eating while on your weight loss plan. Ask the waiter to spilt your meal in ˝ or ask for a child’s size.

17. Make healthy choices.

Choose foods that are simply prepared. Forget the mysterious sauces and focus on grilled, broiled, steamed, and baked versions of your favorite foods.

18. Check out the local market.

It's summertime and the living is easy, so why not check out the fabulous fresh produce available at a local market? If you are in a foreign location (or at least one foreign to you), be adventurous and try a new food. Chances are, you will discover something healthy and delicious!

19. Take Snacks with you.

If your vacation has you on an airplane or in the car for long periods, pack a little cooler with healthy goodies so you don't cave in to tempting road food. Fresh fruit; veggies; sliced cheese and whole-grain crackers or a sandwich; along with a bottle of cold water, will probably do the trick.

20. Fitness can be fun.

No more excuses: You have plenty of time while on vacation to do something active each day. Pack sneakers, shorts, T-shirts, and a bathing suit, and start your day with a walk on the beach, swim in the pool, bike ride around town, or a hike into the hills. Find activities that you can share with your family while enjoying the beautiful surroundings outside. You will feel energized afterward and ready for the next vacation activity.

21. Do Not Skip Meals.

Most people want to get the most out of every minute while vacationing, but they often forget to include a very important necessity: food. Be sure not to skip meals or go without eating for long periods because

it could lead to overeating later. Balance your active schedule with well-thought-out meal stops throughout the day. The healthiest option might be to bring your own snacks — fruits, veggies and cool bottled water are good options for satisfying and tasty snack breaks.

22. Get outside.

If you plan on sightseeing inside all morning, pack a healthy lunch to eat outdoors. This keeps you from resorting to higher-calorie lunch options by making better choices than when eating on the go.

23. Pack fitness in a bag:

Invest in a pedometer. You’ll be more likely to walk around town if you can see how quickly those steps add up. If there is no room in your bag for extras, try to get a workout by avoiding the elevator and using the stairs in your hotel instead.

24. Get Your Game Plan.

Many restaurants have their menus and calories posted online. Try planning your meals in advance. Search for local hot spot that boast the use of locally grown produce and organic meats for a healthy feast. :)

Great advice... but I've still gain weight on every trip/vacation.

Maybe in 2008, I will finally be able to get on a plane without fearing to get on a scale afterwards!

Slow and steady is the way to win this race no matter what happens this time! :)

Jessica Scott