Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Look Familiar?

It was recently brought to my attention that another website is using my picture as their banner! (Thank you Anna for pointing this out!!!!)

I was like, "Say What?!" And sure enough, there I was!

Here is a screen capture of the blog with its name removed:

Hmm, does that picture look familiar to anyone else?! It is obviously a smaller version of the picture of me with my virtual models:

Copyright © (2001-2008) My Virtual Model, Inc.

Now don't get me wrong. I **LOVE** being linked too and blogged about, and I am super cool with people using my pictures & posts: "Check out this blog!! This chick lost over 100 pounds naturally!"

But they have made me into the banner of their weight loss site, without even asking if they could use my picture!!!!
They don't even reference me... in fact my picture has been renamed "banner.jpg"

And worst of all... they just had to pick the picture of me in my underwear... Thanks...
That's exactly what I wanted spread around the internet! ;)

At first, I was going to post a link to their site but I didn't want to reward their bad behavior by increasing their web traffic. Plus their website had lots of ads....

I’ve always been really sensitive about predatory ads towards plus sized people. From late-night infomercials promising you "Start living again with [ product ]!!" to text only google ads linking to "The Diet Secrets of the Stars!" I can't stand ads targeted at the over-weight.

I find people willing to make money off my (former) body type loathsome!!! It truly irks me so much!!!

I'm not sure if you have noticed the lack of advertisements on this site, but it is intentional. :)

My original website was hosted by Tripod and since I used their "Free Hosting" package, they covered my page with ads.

I **hated** that everyone that visited my site was subjected to spammy pop-ups, animated banners, and text links. It bothered me so much that I finally moved my whole site here to Blogger where they allow you to turn off the ads!! Yea! :)

Recently I've been battling lots of spammy comments... There are so many people trying to post links to cash in on you! It just boils my blood that people are trying to using my site to funnel spam at you to make money. ARGH!

Luckily the spam should die down once the "New Year's Resolution" rush is over. :)

I’m doing my best to provide you with real weight loss information, and protect you from people trying to make a buck off you!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I look forward to reading your spam-free comments soon. ;)



A Big Thanks to reader Lori, who is a Super Sluth!! Using just the information I gave, she was able to track down the naughty site. She then sent me the contact information of the guy who registered that site. Here is the email I sent him to have my picture removed from the banner!



My name is Jessica Scott.

I am not sure if you know who I am, but I am the woman who's picture was stolen and put as the banner of << The Site >>.

The Network Solutions website listed your contact information as the person who registered the domain so that is why I am writing you.

I was encouraged to seek legal action against you, but I just want my picture taken down.

Please remove my picture from your page imediately.

I have also asked Network Solutions, who host the site, about removing the image as well.

Hopefully things will be resolved soon, and I will not have to take any further measures.

Thank you,

Jessica Scott

My Original Image:


Anonymous said...

Report them to the website host, and ask to have the host delete their site. Sue them for a percentage of their profits. Track them down and make their life miserable. Report them to every website humiliation site in reach. They're thieves, and bad webmasters, and deserve a lot of pain for ripping off your ideas.

Tabatha said...

i'd send them an email full of copyright info letting them know what they are doing is illegal and see what they do. maybe they are not familar with copyright law.....
good luck!

LC said...

I think you should go after their ass like a bad fungus. Jerks.

Lauren said...

Wow... You are much nicer than I would be!! I would be absolutely livid if somebody stole my photos like that and posted them for personal gain.

Good luck! And by the way, I love your website and it has truly been an inspiration to me. I have lost over 50 pounds in the last five months and plan to give you a run for your money in another year or so :)