Thursday, July 21, 2011

Waddling to Wisconsin

My mom and my sister have twisted my arm into flying back to Wisconsin for a baby shower.

Sept. 17th, so save the date!!!  (30 weeks pregnant, 7 months along)

We were going to fly into Madison, but Milwaukee flights were about 100 less per person!  We were able to add a rental car and a hotel in Milwaukee for less than two tickets to Madison!  Geez!

Baby is growing right on target, but my fetal specialist still has not got the image she wants to finally say the baby does not have a neural tube defect.

At this point -- I don't care.  I'm having this baby, and if he or she needs special care, so be it.  I'm going to love him or her to bits!

I am 22 weeks and can really feel that baby moving and groving.  Sometimes it makes me jump, then the baby jumps because I jumped.  It is cute.  I am looking forward to when Aaron will be able to feel the baby move too.

I sing the ABCs to the baby and the lullaby "All the pretty little horses". Apparently hearing these songs now and after the baby arrives will make them more soothing to the baby.

Have I mention that Aaron is the best husband ever?   Seriously -- he is perfect.  He makes supper and brings it to me.  He fills my water glass when it gets empty. He does all the dishes and the Laundry.  He's doing the grocery shopping too.

All I have to do is be comfortable and relax.