Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Tomorrow is my Angel, Aaron's Birthday!!! He is so cute!

We went out last night for dinner at King of Falafel. (Funny name, AWESOME food).

We got the King's Vegetarian Combo for two! Basically it was every meatless appetizer and our choice of a fantastic veggie dish! A very tasy meal. :) I was very careful not to eat too much and really enjoyed a night out!

I hope that I can keep this up because the weekend might get a tad crazy with so many people coming over for his birthday.

Party = Food

The month is nearly over, and I would hate for me to "blow it" in the last few days. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This could be my first sucessful month since...

I hope I do not speak too soon, but this could be my first "successful" month of weight loss since 2007!

In November 2007 I had knee surgery and my limited mobility resulted in gaining weight.

2008 has been a stressful year full of loss and pain.

Stress Eating + Healing Knee = Even more weight gain!

Half a year later, I am about 18 pounds over where I was last November! :(
Amazing how those sneeky pounds suddenly add up...

But FINALLY it seems that things are turning back around! :-D

My calories are being counted again, and I am healed enough to be consistantly active again! :)

My "old knee" is really starting to hurt though, but I want to get back to my previous weight before I get the surgery again. This time I will do a better job of watching what I eat when laid up. :)

Delayed by not derailed,


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back from Texas

Hey! I am back from Texas, and I am already back under my pre-trip weight! Yea!

(I still have a long way to go to get back to my pre-surgery weight, but I’ll get there! :-D )

On the trip I ate something that was totally worth all the weight I gained: Trudy’s Stuffed Avocado!

Oh. My. God! It was the most delicious thing I have tasted in memory!!!

Perfectly seasoned shredded chicken and cheese stuffed in an avocado. Which is then breaded, fried, and covered with your choice of sauce and more cheese. Wow…. Just wow. It was just amazing. If you ever are near Austin, it is worth stopping by for a bite!

Even as wonderful as it tasted, I did not stuff myself silly, and stopped eating when I was full.

Second V-Log Update

Still working on writing a script. I did get permission to use Moby’s music.

Live Healthy!