Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Cusp of Change.

Aaron came back from CA, and has moved me into an apartment with a month-to-month lease on the east side of Madison. Most of our belongs are in boxes, only the essentials are out.

We still have a lot of purging to do before the big move.

We are in a holding pattern right now. It is hard not knowing how long it will be until the proverbial ship comes in.

I am trying to stay positive but it's been a crazy ride these last few months!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 weeks....

The lease is up on our current apartment this month, and the Manager asked if we would be willing to move out early (9/24/09). They want to put in new carpet for the next tenant, paint etc...
She then said we could prorate our last months rent so we only pay for the days we are here! Sweet.

Aaron has been in San Francisco since 8/8/09 and it has been really hard living without him.

Aaron is still searching for work and a place for us to live. He has looked at a few places and he is looking at another one today.

On the job hunt: One company seemed very enthusiastic about hiring Aaron, but they never called back when they said they would, and that was about a week ago. I am beginning to doubt he will hear back from them in the affirmative... but we'll see... Plan "b" is already in full swing.

Once I get out there I will start a job hunt as well. The dream was that Aaron would get a job and I would go into "mommy-mode." But it might be the two of us living in a studio apartment again. ;)

Aaron and I lived in a TINY roach infested studio apartment when we first moved to Madison. Like when we had the full size futon in "bed" mode it FILLED the apartment. You had to crawl over it to get from a desk to the bathroom.

We might be going back to that lifestyle soon, but this time in San Francisco!

The current plan is to find a place and then Aaron will fly back here to help me load up a U-Haul and drive back across country with our slimmed down belongings and 2 cats!

We might throw a "going away" party or two... but that depends on how much time we have.

I have been super stressed but I am trying to keep cool and let life happen as it happens instead of worrying about the future. Worrying won't change what happens, but will make me feel miserable... and who wants that?

I try to focus on what I am doing at this second and not let my thoughts drift off into the "What if's...." I focus on the feeling of typing, the words as they appear on my screen. The hum of the computer's fan and the refrigerator. My own breathing, a passing car... Just keeping my mind in the present and not letting myself make me worry about the things I can't do anything about.