Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Cusp of Change.

Aaron came back from CA, and has moved me into an apartment with a month-to-month lease on the east side of Madison. Most of our belongs are in boxes, only the essentials are out.

We still have a lot of purging to do before the big move.

We are in a holding pattern right now. It is hard not knowing how long it will be until the proverbial ship comes in.

I am trying to stay positive but it's been a crazy ride these last few months!


Tunbi said...

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eredblue said...

Okay, whatever, Tunbi. Thought I'd post a real comment down here--my husband and I are moving too. It's not far from where we live, but it's an upgrade. More bedrooms because our baby is due in October. I just wanted to encourage you to spend time thinking about what you want, not what you don't want, or what you're afraid of. It may sound cheesy to talk about 'the power of positive thinking' or whatever, but I've seen it work in my own life--very *specifically* sometimes. I focused on a specific number of bedrooms with a specific rent and it came along. And we took it! I wish you the best of luck during this crazy time. We moved across the country about 2 years ago and it was scary, yes, but liberating. I find my life goes smoother if I just remember what Bob Marley said: every little thing is gonna be alright.

Anonymous said...

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Hollie said...

Keep Positive!!! Things always have a way of working out, and one thing I can tell you after a total of 25 moves in 4 different states (Ohio, Wisconsin,California and Iowa) is that I found that home is wherever my family is... my husband and sons are my world and I don't believe my life truly began until I had my boys. But I'll also tell you, I'm back where I originally started because, as one of my elderly patients told me once, you bloom where you were planted. Take care and if you ever want to talk about anything, just shoot me an email!