Thursday, January 31, 2008

All better!

My picture is no longer being used by the other site!! Yippie! ;)

They also totally redid their style sheets.

Perhaps they wanted to make thier site look different so you wouldn't realize it's "THEM" if you ever go there! ;)

Anyway here are the long promised pictures of our San Francisco trip! :)

Here is a cute picture of me and Aaron in Japantown!

We also went to Grace Cathedral.

The next two pictures were taken by the fountain in the park acrossed from the cathedral.


Jess said...

Dear Tocaya,

What a horrible surprise you being "robbed" by other site!! Great that this is over...!

Fabolous pictures of your trip. I expect to see shots of the Golden Gate, Pier39 and Cable Car..hahaha

Great you're back!

Jessica from Mexico

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe your picture was used without your permission! The cheek! I hope you had fun on your trip. it looks like you did!

Amanda said...

Wow Jess I can't believe that website stole your picture like that!!! Good job that you got them to remove it... they could have at least asked you first!

Very nice photos of your trip, you and your husband are such a cute couple! You have the most striking eyes and smile!

Did you wear a flower in your hair when you were in San Francisco?