Monday, November 17, 2008


My menstrual cycle is only 26 days long so I only get about 2 weeks a month that are PMS/Menstruation free. This totally sucks for weight loss, but on the plus side my periods are so regular, I can set my watch to it.

So before 5 PM on Sunday the 16th I went to the local Whole Foods and bought a DivaCup! A few hours later, I got to use it.

One day at work I was complaining about the hassle of feminine hygiene products, “...They clog up toilets and landfills! They have non-biodegradable plastic wrappers! They have irritating adhesives that stick to your skin and not your ‘granny panties.’ There has got to be a better way to do this!!”

A co-worker of mine then said, "Dude, get a Diva Cup."

"A Diva Cup?"

The Diva Cup!!! This baby isn’t just an “enhancement” (like take the same old product and give it “wings” or a “smooth applicator”) this is the future!

Comparing the DivaCupto tampons and pads is like comparing these phones:

iphone = divacup pads and tampons = old school

The DivaCup is a reusable silicone “cup” that you wear internally. It can be worn up to 12 hours, then you just empty, rinse and repeat (or store for next month). It so easy and CLEAN. I was worried that it would be a messy process, but I got the knack for it right away. Once in place, you don’t feel it. And it stays put - even when using the toilet.

I am thinking about giving them as Christmas gifts this year! I know that on Christmas Day they will think, "this is the weirdest present I have EVER received." But, within a month they will be a believer too!!!

Imagine never having to spend money on pads or tampons for a whole year?! That is really what I am giving them, and it makes the planet greener. :)

My calories are at 770 so far today and I will be working out on my elliptical trainer tonight! I did not weigh myself this morning!




craftypants said...

Over here this product is called the "Mooncup" and otherwise looks identical. I love it.

I still have to buy a few pads as sometimes I get..not leaks but a little something escapes on changeover and after replacement is already closer to freedom than the cup is. However I only need 1 liner per day and they can be cheap low absorbancy generics.

Anonymous said...

lol this post just made me laugh, but at the same time, i just gotta try it! thanks for the review! said...

Ok, sorry! Squick! Not happening!

Anonymous said...

You give me hope -- to do it by myself and lose half of me.


Dina said...

Ooh I used one of these (I think a different brand) and never again!. It was messy and leaked (eww sorry TMI).

Found your blog today and wanted to say you've done amazing and great job!