Monday, December 8, 2008

November Success

November was another successful month for my weight loss! I started the month at 196, and finished at 194. Two pounds gone! This is really amazing considering I went on Vacation to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. (Sorry for the long break)

My knees are doing well. However the last day we were in San Francisco they started to bother me. My host then drew me a hot bath with salts to soak in. He even lit candles around the tub, and on the sink. It was fantastic!!

We did a lot of walking and I was very careful to actually write down my meals.

I had such wonderful meals and ate until I was satisfied. We had a grand Thanksgiving dinner and finished it off with pumpkin cheesecake! YUM!!! We also bought lots of chocolates.

I was really surprised to see I had not gained weight when we got home. What a Triumph!

This was the FIRST trip I have ever gone on where I did not gain weight!

I was 193.50 this morning, so that is another 1/2 pound lost in December so far! :-D I worked out on Saturday night: 30:19, 2.09 miles , 203.2 calories, 2328 strides.

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