Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 pounds down so far this November!

Even with PMS and pizza puffing me back up, I am still down 2 pounds so far this November!! (I was 194.50 this AM.) I've lost about pound a week without effort!!

I count every calorie I "plate" even if I don't finish it all. I've been averaging about 1900 calories a day total. What I'm really eat is slightly under that.

My knee was cooperative on Wednesday and I was able to workout too! I might try again tonight! :)



Jen's Journey said...

I am SO impressed! Keep reaching and working hard - you are doing so well and are an inspiration to so many people!

Blessings - Jen

Last Journey Down said...

What a job you have done/are doing! Awesome and very inspirational! Keep it up no matter what! Just found your blog and will keep checking in!

Last Journey Down said...

Just found your blog! Wow- what a job you have done! Your pages are so inspirational! You look fabulous! Keep it up no matter what!

AGirlWorthLosing said...

What do you think of Sensa? Do you think it has it made a difference?

Jess said...

Sensa has helped me notice when I am full earlier than without Sensa. Those few bites left on my plate are starting to show on the scale. :) Sensa rocks.

Erica said...

You are an inspiration and I love that you are SO REAL! Keeping track of calories is so important and though I knew that - I wasn't doing it. I will be now! Thanks!