Monday, May 22, 2006

Delayed but not Done-for

I weighed myself about an hour earlier than usual this morning. I was 144.50. That is the same weight I was the day before my blood donation... So I think I am doing okay. :)

For my activity I walked just over 5 miles today, and I cut my calories back to 1800.


Last night we went shopping and I wanted to get a "snack bar," you know, like "Kudos." So I was comparing the nutritional facts of all the brands, and was embarrassed to discover that the cereal bar with the best Nutritional Facts for over all (High in Fiber & Protein yet low in calories.) were Kraft's South Beach Diet high protein cereal bars! *GASP!!!*

Now, I have never followed any kind of "diet." And especially not ones where you'd have to eat only certain foods at certain times... or buy their food! But it turns out the SBD bars were what I was looking for. They are made mostly from Soy, and taste like Peanut Butter, or chocolate ice crispy treats to me! Yum! (140 calories, 10 grams of Protein & 3 grams of Fiber!)

I just eat the healthiest I can! :) Turns out these bars are apart of my balanced diet!

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