Sunday, May 21, 2006

Getting back on it!

I was curious when I could resume my usual routine after donating blood. Looks like the "turn-around" time is shorter than I though! :)

This morning I tried doing Yoga, and had no problems! :-) I am still keeping my calories around the 2000 calorie point so by body can have all the fuel it needs to make new blood.

It is nice being active again! :)

My weight was 143.75 this morning. I was puffy from pizza we had yesterday. I hope that tomorrow I will still be around that weight. I feel really good! :)

I think for reaching 140 my reward will be the Anime "Ai Yori Aoshi." (Literally: "Bluer than Indigo" but a pun in Japanese to also mean "True Blue Love.") :-) It is just my kinda of series!!!

Guy and a Girl love each other but through really bizarre circumstances they have to keep it a secret, then lots of other chicks show up, and it get's funny! Ahh Romantic comedies! :-)

I must be a sap because the first few episodes made me cry. They are so super sweet!!! Aoi (Ah-oh-ee) The Girl, Loves Kaoru (Cow-roo) The Boy. They were betrothed to one another as children, but as a teen he renounced his abusive family. Therefore their marriage is never to be. Aoi loves him completely, and vows to leave her family too so they can be together.... But then others get involved and things just start spiraling out of control from there. I JUST LOVE IT!!! :-)

I can't wait to see more!

Oh in case you were wondering, we rented the first DVD in the series this weekend. That is how I know I reeeeeealy gonna love it! I can't wait to see more! MUST REACH 140!!! :)


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