Monday, May 1, 2006

April Statistics

April was a rocky month for weight loss. Between my period, and a business trip to Maui, I had gained 9.5 pounds by Easter (April 16th)!! But, I got home and got it back together.

I've lost -5.75 since April 16th! I still have 3.75 pounds left to lose before I am back to my "pre-April" weight, but I am feeling good about how I am doing now!

I was 146.25 this morning after a disasterous weekend. Things got a little crazy on Saturday. I just didn't feel satisfied after eating... so I kept eating. It was textbook awful binge. I was craving something "bad," so I ate something "good" instead of the bad thing, but then later I crumbled and ate the "bad" thing anyway! CURSE YOU PMS!!! Hopefully my hormones will be back to normal within a week. Fun, fun, fun.

Luckily the weight I gained this weekend is mostly "puff" and it should go away quickly! :-)

Tonight I biked for 40 minutes, lifted weights, and did sit-ups! :)

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