Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tracking Calories on Google!

I have added a new widget to my iGoogle to track my calories.  It is super sweet, because I don't have to log-in to the calorie tracking site, it just is all done right there on my iGoogle dashboard.

There are many calorie tracking widgets to chose from, but considering how often I am ON Google (It's my start-up homepage - Hello!!)  It's a constant reminder every time I open my browser or look something up: "Hey Jess!!! Count your calories!!"

It's fairly slick!  :)   So  if you spend a lot of your day googling...  think about using a customized iGoogle with a calorie tracking widget! 

This link with take you to the page to add the same widget I am using to your igoogle.


Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen said...

Great tip. I constantly have an excel progam open where I keep track of cal in VS cal out. The ONLY way to lose weight (for me) and I range from 55-60 pounds .. hoping to stick to 60

Syed Nayab said...

i did try to use your weight loss widget but it did not run on my system. please provide us the link for your weight loss calculator !

kierah said...

That’s a great Idea! I like that, thanks for the tips!
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AAA said...

Hey! Not bad… I’m always busy goggling I haven’t really thought of this using iGoogle to track calories, Nice!
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David said...
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james said...

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