Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You know I am a geek, right?

I am a very nerdy girl.  I met my husband at a Vampire the Masquerade LARP for crying out loud!!!

This weekend -- at an AWESOME gaming event at Mercer College -- I said that Aaron and I will be married 10 years this Summer.  

This prompted the men at my table to ask if I got married when I was 14.  

I joked, "Maybe that's how you guys do things here in the South, but I was 22 when I got married!"

They then did the (simple) math in their heads to pronounce me 32.  

Yep.  I am 32 now, and boy is my biological clock ticking LOUDLY!!!!

I am thrilled at the thought of motherhood, but also dead scared of the weight gain... and if I will be able to ever get back in shape?

So... my blog maybe heading towards a healthy pregnancy / losing the baby weight blog in the next year or so.

Aaron is still looking for work.  He's had one interview so far and I hope he finds something awesome soon.  In the meantime I spoil him because he spoils me by doing all the housework.  :)

I have thought about him just being a stay at home dad... but why did we spend all those years in college if he was just going to stay home all day?!

I mean who would want their kids spending all day with their well-educated, loving, biological father!?!?!  ;)

Actually, having a smart, caring, daddy stay home all day while I win the proverbial "bread" sounds GREAT!

How much is Day Care anyway?

This is something to research more....

I hope you are all doing well!!!!


Anonymous said...

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The said...

Hey Jess,
I'm a real person (unlike acai up there, probably) and I try to check in from tie to time as yours was the first wt loss blog i ever read and really inspired me. i had gotten down to 186 from 242 highest--and with more trial and error than an actual plan over 2-3 yrs and suddenly i found out, at my lowest wt since elem. school, that i was pregnant. so of course I started gaining weight. gained more than I was "supposed to" but it came off pretty fast--water weight, breastfeeding.. i probably gained 50 and am at 200 right now and my baby's 4 mos. long story short: if you ever need encouragement or have questions, please feel free to email me: eredblue@gmail.com
gina at fitnessista.com just did a post on pre-preg nutrition if you're interested. anyway best of luck to you!

Christina said...

I'm sure the cost of daycare varies from location to location. I'm in Iowa so I'm guessing it's on the lower end here - $180/week - yes per week - for a newborn. I hear that's a good rate...?????