Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moved to Atlanta, GA

You may be thinking...  I thought you guys were moving to the Bay Area!!!?!?!?!?

Well, we did too.

But then I was offered an amazing job in Atlanta before Aaron found work in CA, so here we are!

The move has been a NIGHTMARE.  

We drove 17 hours straight - OVERNIGHT with two cats -  one that cries really loud, and one that get's car sick....

During the drive the stupid GPS sent me through these horrible hilly and curvy back-country roads in the middle of nowhere TN -  in the middle the night - in a downpour! AHHHH!

 I am so tired and sore!

I have now learned that the truck with all of our stuff on it, that was supposed to be here TODAY (Thursday) will not arrive until at least MONDAY!!!

We've had to go buy stuff to get us through.   I am not happy about these expenses, because if the movers would have correctly estimated the arrival - we would not have had to buy this stuff!  grrrrrr

Even though I am cranky and sore,  I am looking forward to getting settled! 
It's been a hard time so far, but I know that soon I will be loving life here in Atlanta!


Amy said...

Hi. I just found you and I think you may be the Godsend I've been hoping for. I just spent the last 40 minutes reading all your tips and I am so proud of you and inspired by you. Thank you so much for chronicleing (totally not spelled right) your journey.

Good luck with this moving stuff and congrats on the job!! I hope your truck arrives safe and sound on Monday!


Stephanie said...

Congrats! I grew up in Atlanta and lived there until about 2 years ago. You will love it. If you are looking for a gym to join, Crunch is super fantastic. Really fun classes and no judgments. It is probably the thing I miss the most (besides the fam of course).

Take care!

Motherturtle85 said...

I hope you like Georgia, but watch out for the heat, Wisconsin girl!

Robert said...

Looks like you have come a long way. I too used to live in ATL... did not really go a gym then so I can't recomend. You are doing a great job. If you would like, check out my blog at I don't sell anything there.... just would like to hear what you think. Thanks, Rob Dyess-------

Maria25 said...

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Laura said...

wow cool! I live in the Suwanee/Lawrenceville area (up from ATL). You'll like the mild winters althought the summers are STEAMY!

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Simply Sara said...

Welcome to Atlanta. It really is a wonderful city once all the rain goes away!!!! Just wait for the spring. You'll be further inspired to get out and roam the city (on your feet of course). Glad to connect with another fellow wt loss bud.

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Rob Peterson said...

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daina said...

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