Sunday, April 2, 2006

Aloha! I made it to Maui!

HOLY COW!!! That was a LONG flight! We landed at what felt like 7 PM to me, but that is only 2 PM local time. I am all checked in to the condo, and I am paid the insane "high-speed Internet access fee." ($40.00 for a week!?) My goodness!

Thing are going great so far. I was thinking about being "brave" and walking up the street to find some eats. I need to have supper yet. My calorie total today is 1130 so far.

I really feel like I got a workout lugging my luggage. Uffda! What a load! I think I had like 70 pounds of laptop, bags, and carry-on that I had to carry myself.

When Aaron dropped me off in Madison this morning, He wanted to help me carry the bags. But I was like... I am going to have to carry them myself later... so it is all good.

I need to contact my co-workers about the meeting at 8:30. The person running it isn't even ON THIS ISLAND yet. (but she is in Hawaii) Let's hope things go well so we can start the Go-Live tomorrow!

I think I am gonna take the upper floor because there is more floor space for YOGA. I think Tim, my roommate for the next two weeks is cool with that.

He is currently at the beach. I could go too. It is only 4:35 PM local time (9:35 PM @ home)

I called Aaron to let him know that I am alright :) I miss him so much it hurts. This will be the longest that we have ever been apart. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I think it just makes me feel more and more lonely for my hubbie.

I think I will get the mat out and do some Yoga to get over sitting for 9+ hours on a bouncy plane.

I have a scale with and my weight loss journal and a heart full of good intentions. Let's see if I can conquer my weight loss demons here on Maui! :-)

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