Friday, March 31, 2006

Thank You Hungry Girl!!!

Yesterday my co-workers asked me to go out to Chili's for lunch. My first instinct was to just say NO. I was feeling a bit gun-shy after the last dining out disaster.

But I didn't want to be anti-social, and since I'll be gone for the next 2 weeks... I agreed to go.

I started researching their menu online, and decided to check multiple sources for the calories. I wouldn't be tricked this time! Then I remembered Hungry Girl!

If you have not been to the Hungry Girl website, I strongly suggest checking it out!

I followed her advice for eating at Chili's and ordered a "Guiltless Black Bean Burger." I asked them to hold the Bun, the Ranch Dressing, and add some lettuce leaves from their lettuce wraps.

I was 142.50 this morning. So I guess the Hungry Girl did not lead me astray!

I was also going to ask them to hold the salt from my veggies, but forgot! So I washed each piece of broccoli in a glass of water. It was DISGUSTING how much crap was on the "Steamed Veggies." Honestly, I wish I had a camera so you could have seen the sediment. I am going to ask for seasoning-free veggies from now on!

Over all, I ate an estimated 1800 calories yesterday. For activity, I took a brisk walk around the block. (About 1.25 miles) It took me under 15 minutes to go out, do a lap and get back to my desk! It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing!

I've decided to take it easy the next few days because I don't want to be on a plane for 9 hours, with sore muscles to boot!

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