Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Taller than I thought I was!

I went to the Doctor this morning (just a check-up) and was shocked to see I was 167 cm tall! (65.75 inches or 5 feet, 5 3/4 inches) That’s like a centimeter taller that I thought I was! That also makes my BMI look slightly better. ;) (23.74 vs. 23.93)

Today one of my co-workers brought in a delicious cake! A yellow cake layered with crushed pineapple, creamy vanilla pudding & whipped cream topped with shredded coconut. *DROOLS* I decided that a slice of that cake will be my lunch today. ;) It is not every day that a cake like that comes around!

I will also be having Topper’s Pizza for supper tonight.

Taking my current BMR times and my Activity level... I can eat 2270 Calories a day and maintain my weight.

I was 146.00 this AM. Let’s hope I am still that tomorrow!



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