Monday, April 24, 2006

What I ate today!

Last entry I said I was "back to normal." I feel like I need to say what I eat on a "normal" day.

Breakfast is usually one packet of instant oatmeal, calories range depending on flavor, but are under 200.

Mid-AM, I have a snack of a yogurt with 1/2 a cup of All-Bran. Calories for this snack are between 180 & 260 depending on the yogurt type and flavor.

Late-AM, I have some fruit. Usually a banana, but sometimes other fresh fruit, or a dole fruit cup. About 130 more calories.

Late Lunch - I have a microwaveable meal that is 400 calories or less. Other times I have a sandwich/sub, or a slice of pizza of equal or lesser caloric value.

Supper is what ever I feel like having with my remaining calories. Tonight we had pasta!

I walked over 2 miles today for my activity and my total calories were 1910.

I was 146.75 this morning, up a pound from yesterday, but I was expecting that. I had a super salty taco yesterday, and knew I would bloat up, but it tasted so good!

I should be all better by tomorrow! :-)


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