Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back to Normal!!!

I was 146.00 again this morning, the same weight as yesterday! I decided to list today a "Weight Loss Victory," because I am finally back to Normal!!

The past week my body has been recovering from a business trip to Maui. Every day this week I lost a half-pound or more! It was getting kinda scary. I am glad that things are finally back to normal! :-)

Tonight my sister is participating in a bartending contest! I am gonna go cheer her on! :) I'll be drinking tall glasses of ice water, and trying to avoid all the smoke, but I will be there for her!

She is tending at the London Station, in London, WI.

If you can get to London. You can't miss the bar... I mean it IS the whole town basically. Hopefully they have Karaoke or a Band tonight! Even if they don't I will dance to the juke box. Burn a few more calories! I also had a double-dose of Tai Chi this morning.

I ate a total of 1700 calories today. (230 from a Milk Chocolate with Almonds bar by Ghirardelli. *DROOLS!!!*)

Well I am off for a night on the itsy-bisty "town" of London, WI. It isn't even incorporated... I think to population might be pushing 100... but I am just guessing. ;)

Thanks for Checking in! Later!!!


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