Friday, April 21, 2006

Still doing great! :-)

Hawaii weight is still melting away. I was 146.00 this morning. That's 6 pounds since Easter, but things are finally slow down to a normal pace again.

I am taking today as a rest day becuase tomorrow morning we have double Tai Chi.

On Monday my reward for getting back under 150 should arrive, and I am just one pound away from to getting the reward for reaching 145! Woo!

I hope that I get under 145 before the end of the month, and then finally under 140 before June. :-)

I still have to eat supper, but I am at 1070 calories right now. I should be at about 1800 when supper is over. :-)

What I ate so far today:

1 Packet Instant oatmeal - 140
Light Yogurt - 100
1/2 c. All Bran - 80
Diced Peaches - 80
Banana - 150
Turkey - 90
Slice of Whole Wheat Bread - 70
Mustard & a pickle - 10
Salad & Dressing - 150
1/2 a Chocolate Bar - 200

I plan to have BBQ'd Chicken and Mashed Potatoes with some veggie for supper.

I better get going on that! :-)


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