Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hitting Reset

It is so great to be HOME!! I was not able to fall asleep on the plane like I hoped, so I was awake for over 30 hours before I finally made it home and fell into a coma-like sleep. I was too exhausted to notice that I was home really. Then at 3:30 AM I was startled awake when Sabina (our gray cat) jumped on me, wanting to be fed breakfast. Ahh! It is great to be home!

I got on the physician's scale this morning and moved the counter-weights to discover I was 152.00. I was 144.50 on the day I flew out. So, I only gained 7.5 pounds over 2 weeks in Maui!! That's not that bad at all!! :-)

I gained 8.25 pounds in the one week that was UGM, 5.5 pounds during a one week Go-Live in Southern California, and I even managed to gain 5 pounds on a 2 day on a business trip to Chicago!!!

Considering that I was away from home for 14 days, and eating out for at least one meal each day, PLUS I got my period while out there... I am really proud I was able to hold myself to only 7.5 pounds! :-)

I am hoping that some of the 7.5 pounds is new muscle, and the rest is just bloat from all the extra-salty restaurant food. It should go away quickly! :-)

So now what? Well, I decided to hit the "Reset Button."

I plan to do a fresh start, and re-reward myself for reaching 150 and 145 again. Hopefully things will go smooth, and I will have enough steam to finally reach 140!! ;-) I asked Aaron what he thought of the "Reset" idea, and he's cool with it!

Today we celebrated Easter with our families. I kept track of what I ate, but enjoyed everything that I wanted. It was really fun, but we didn't really have much time because Aaron needed to get home to do Calculus, and remove his contacts.

For exercise today I biked, and did a few lifts to start getting back into the swing of things. :)

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