Thursday, April 13, 2006

Packed My Own Lunch!!!

Wow. Last night 9 of us went out for sushi again. It was a feast. I walked to and from the restaurant, so that was about 4 miles! I have been doing a great job at staying active... just really bad at limiting my calorie intake!

Today one of the Implementers (the role at my work that is constantly traveling to help customers install our software) said that gaining 5 pounds on a go-live is average and unavoidable. So I feel a bit better. I mean 2 weeks away from home, unhealthy snacks everywhere, plus eating out for most meals EVERYDAY!?!?!?!?!?! Things were just not in my favor.

I fly home tomorrow night!!!! I check out tomorrow MORNING!!! I’ll have to pack! Wow! I am so happy to be going home!!! I miss Aaron so much, and our kitties! I can’t wait to pump iron again, ride my bike, and go back to Tai Chi!

I look forward to eating normal meals too. I miss the "heat" of home. You see, Aaron and I eat really HOT food. Like every meal involves some sort of hot sauce, or peppers.

But mostly I look forward to sleeping in my own bed, next to Aaron. I have suffered the last few weeks sleeping alone. I have 4 pillows on the bed, two for my head, and two running along next to me to cuddle next too. It's just not the same :(

I had a fried egg on whole wheat toast for breakfast today with a handful of Almonds & Cashews. I also packed my own lunch today! I want to eat up (but not pig-out on) the few groceries I have left. I think did a good job of actually buying just what I need.

My lunch is a P.B. & J on wheat. I also brought a snack, some light yogurt with a cup of All-Bran for added CRUNCH! Yum!

Home home home!!! I can't wait!!!! :-)


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